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... Woman Bound Over at Exmouth 8 «moS ? ' J * E - Daw tne chair), ^t 5810118 Monday, Minnie Edge!airW X ««ton, was charged with ob*>ti 0 * lals pretences Budleigh Salterr^irror e ember a ...

Published: Friday 15 March 1929
Newspaper: Western Times
County: Devon, England
Type: Article | Words: 279 | Page: Page 9 | Tags: fradd 


... Thf. Mayoralty.—lt generally understood that Mr. William Trevennen will be chosen chief for the coming year. The favourite sect:. possessing the highest qualifications, Mr. will be a model Ma ...

Published: Thursday 04 November 1880
Newspaper: Cornishman
County: Cornwall, England
Type: Article | Words: 606 | Page: Page 4, 5 | Tags: fradd 


... Information for Creditors (from the London azette ).—First meetings and public examinations—James Scott, oil and colour merchant, Offi - first meeting. November 13th, noon, incial Receiver's, Truro ...

Local Intelligence

... Cornwall County C/jcrt Days. Penzance, Jniy «h and sth. Redruth, Oth and 7th. 8:h. Falmouth, Itth. Truro, and 11th. St. Coluinb, 13th. St. Au6U.ll, 14th. Bodmin, 10th. The court* o ...


... The death occurred on Monday morn-1 ine of Mrs. 'Mary Fradd, of St. Day. ait the age of 91 years. Mrs. Fradd. was I well known St Day and district and carried a grocery business in Fore| stre ...

Published: Thursday 30 September 1937
Newspaper: Cornishman
County: Cornwall, England
Type: Article | Words: 44 | Page: Page 10 | Tags: fradd