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... (by telegraphic despatch.) MONEY MARKET, FRIDAY. The English securities experienced material reaction after Thursday's depression, Consols having opened at for bnyers, advanced to ...

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... AGRICULTURE POCKLINGTON UNION AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. On Tuesday last, the third annual meeting of this association was held at Pockllngton, and, although the weather was unfavourable during the afterno ...

Published: Saturday 28 July 1849
Newspaper: York Herald
County: Yorkshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 3587 | Page: Page 2 | Tags: john silburn 


... YOKK MIN&TEB. ANTHEMS, *c, FOB THE ENSUING WEEK. ( Morn.— How dear are thy counsels.— Crotch. Sattbdat. . . || w g; Mt ood. -Luther. IMarn.-HaUon in E. . _ £**»»•*. Even — MagtnncaL— Alceck ...


... WANTED, IM A MERCHANTS OFFICE. V YOUTH of respectable connexions, for the term nf Piee Years, where modern. Salary la given;—a Youth from Ilia Country would preferred. Apply the Printers of this Pa ...


... WANTED RENT. WANTED, food STABLES, oeotral. for four fire borer*; Hey Loft end CWb-houw.— State u-rm., Ho* K3, OSor. SITUATIONS VACANT. FIW ; P»T- A amt. result* for »p«Ci*ii«l.— 1* Indkptrdenl' Offlp ...


... (bt telegraphic DESPATCH.) FUNDS &z SHARES, LONDON, FRIDAY, Noox. consols for account, 87$ J—ditto for money, ent ' 7i—Bank Stock, 202—Exchequer Bills, siff' —North Western, j—Mid ...

Published: Saturday 06 May 1854
Newspaper: Yorkshire Gazette
County: Yorkshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 223 | Page: Page 5 | Tags: john silburn 


... — ' IcKLAM-IN-CLEVELAND. til or Non-Parishioner*.— A meeting of the T«% BC w*s held on Thursday week, pursuant to -jritßon* nB jder the propriety of adopting measures Lotic-— ...

Published: Saturday 05 October 1867
Newspaper: York Herald
County: Yorkshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 10675 | Page: Page 5 | Tags: john silburn 


... HOWDEN. tMStI E b.— A n accident, which might have proved ?? in this vicinity on Saturday last, to a ?? «bo was servant to a fanner. He was nn- C 2* s waggon of wheat, when he lost his footing ...