... scholars and teachers assembled on the Vicarage lawn and marched to the Church, preceded by the church banner, carried by Edward Bartram (senior boy). They were met at the west door by the Rev. \V. C. Seccombe (Vicar). “Onward Christian Soldiers ’’ was sung ...


... her trial at the next Assizes. Bail was accepted in prisoner’s own recognizance of 1001. and two sureties of 501. each. Edward Bartram, shoemaker. Trafalgar • street, Lakenham. was summoned by Henry Metcalf Page, another disciple St. Crispin, of Weliin ...

Published: Saturday 02 August 1873
Newspaper: Norfolk News
County: Norfolk, England
Type: Article | Words: 1011 | Page: 11 | Tags: none


... trial. The magistrates having first retired for consideration, committed the prisoner for trial, but admitted ber to bail. Edward Bartram, of Trafalgar Street, Lakeubnra. was summoned Henry Metcalf Page, of Wellington Lane, St. Giles’, for calling out to him ...

Published: Wednesday 30 July 1873
Newspaper: Norwich Mercury
County: Norfolk, England
Type: Article | Words: 6446 | Page: 2 | Tags: none


... Day, £5OOO, and £5OOO each additional on the death orsecondmarriage of hiswife ; upon trust for his son-in-law, the Rev. Edward Bartram, and his children,£sooo ; and a further £5OOO on the death or second marriage of his wife; to his son Arthur, £5OOO, and ...

Published: Saturday 29 January 1881
Newspaper: Illustrated London News
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 1234 | Page: 22 | Tags: none


... following persons were at the same Sessions fined ss. each for disobeying attendance orders. William Taylor, Ann Brunt, Edward Bartram, Sarah Francis Belcher and William Pheasant. ...

Published: Saturday 02 September 1882
Newspaper: Tamworth Herald
County: Staffordshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 476 | Page: 5 | Tags: none


... 'be close the names of the following from this parish were read out. the congregation standing: —John Henry Bart ram. Edward Bartram, Harold Barr. Henry Hilton. Harry Binnirigton, Ernest Bloomfield, Edward Coleman, Percy Ditnn, Edward Griffin, Herbert ...

Published: Tuesday 31 December 1918
Newspaper: Hull Daily Mail
County: Yorkshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 123 | Page: 6 | Tags: none


... BOROUGH SESSIONS. Wednesday.— Before the Mayor and I. Bradbury Esq. An Obstinate Tenant.—Mr. Atkins applied for order eject Edward Bartram from an bouse in Kelly's Yard, Gungate Street, belonging to Mrs. Elizabeth Prall. Mrs. said she had served a notice to ...

Published: Saturday 07 February 1874
Newspaper: Tamworth Herald
County: Staffordshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 116 | Page: 4 | Tags: none


... keeping company Bartram. The jury returned a verdict of murder and felo de against Foreman. The girl’s father ; Thomas Edward Bartram said his family was not aware that Foreman was married. Foreman had mentioned the question of his marriage to witness’s ...

Published: Saturday 29 May 1926
Newspaper: Ballymena Weekly Telegraph
County: Antrim, Northern Ireland
Type: Article | Words: 156 | Page: 5 | Tags: none


... ; 2nd Claw*, Elizabeth Knight ifull lst prize; Edith Brook, Boys, let Charles Knight (full marks); 2nd Arthur Warren. Edward Bartram. Henry Knight. Infants; prizes, Barbara Seccombe and Phyllis Watts; 2nd prize*. Evelyn Braybrookes, Violet Knight, Edward ...

Kins street

... —On Saturday last an inquest was held at the Castle Inn, Tonbridge, before J. N. Dudlow, Esq., coroner, the body Alfred Edward Bartram, son of Mr. Bartram, brewer, of this town, who, whilst out boat the river Medway, on Friday afternoon, was drowned. Deceased ...


... ground. P.-c. McKeown denied that he said, “You don't like me. Durrant, and I will get you three months for this. Albert Edward Bartram. employed at Messrs. Rowland's stall 'n the Market Place, said he saw Durrant strike Cutting, and the policeofficers later ...

Published: Saturday 05 September 1936
Newspaper: Yarmouth Independent
County: Norfolk, England
Type: Article | Words: 239 | Page: 3 | Tags: none