... fit per. fectly. Present indications are that Shamrock IV. may be launched on Saturday. CYCLE RACING FATALITY. Inquest on Sidney Rix. A verdict accidental death was returned at inquest held at Stoke Newington yesterday Sidney Efrnest Rix, twenty-five, late ...

Published: Wednesday 19 May 1920
Newspaper: Portsmouth Evening News
County: Hampshire, England
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Your Lighting ?

... three Classical longs, and Godfrey Kitchener, the radio artiste, played on his singing The programme ended by Ivor Kemp and Sidney Rix giving The Finishing Touch. During the interval the Mayoress (Mrs. Mollie Mercer) made an appeal for the church, and the ...

Published: Saturday 07 November 1936
Newspaper: Middlesex County Times
County: London, England
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... Hastings Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, when Messrs. Rlx (Hastings). Limited, jewellers, of 5 and 6, Albert-road, and Mr. Prank Sidney Rix, managing director, were together fined a total of with ss. costs for, respectively, offering for sale imitation Jewellery ...


... past, but he is a strong, robust player, and the p>ack as a whole will be energetic and dashing. OlcTuam will' be without Sidney Rix, their international wing threequarter, but they are sure to have good reserve in his place. They posses' strong pack of ...

Published: Friday 01 October 1926
Newspaper: Lancashire Evening Post
County: Lancashire, England
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PLAYER'S DEATH « Inquest on Rochdale Threequarter NO ROUGH PLAY ''Accidental death was the verdict returned at ..

... slight blow. Edgar Thomas, iifi Oldham threequartr-r. said it seemed to him that Rix's boot hit Baldwin on the side the head. Sidney Rix, the Oldham centre, said-he bad no recollection his boot striking Baldwin on the side tbe face. When Baldwin came into witness ...

Published: Thursday 09 October 1930
Newspaper: Hull Daily Mail
County: Yorkshire, England
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... ambulance. Douglas Baldock, of Wynton Way, Pareham, received bruises and other slight injuries, and the attendant, Cornelius Sidney Rix, of 34, Redlands Lane. Fareham. had a cut over the right eye and abrasions. The crash at Mile End was heard by Mr. and Mrs ...

Published: Monday 04 July 1955
Newspaper: Portsmouth Evening News
County: Hampshire, England
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PLAYERS* RIGHTS. Need for Revision of a

... the team to defend their title, and though few changes arc anticipated the successful side of last season, the fact that Sidney Rix, the Oldham back, has notr recovered from his recent injury necessitates the selection new player in the three-quarter liner ...

Published: Monday 12 September 1927
Newspaper: Athletic News
County: Lancashire, England
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«jrfh«, _Bnttisate t *nl _\tnth§. SHILLINGS EACH INSERTION, BY CHEQUE OR r 0., CROSSED LLOYDS BANK, Limited ..

... of Barton House, Wari.ich- __• II __St«»TT.-On the 2Sth Oct.. at Naini Tai. by the Yen. Arch- *Zn „, ?? 1. 1 know, Harry Sidney Rix, ?? Hon of W. U. Rix. of ?? vvells to Al'.iertiue Rodway. daughter of G. B. Scott, w .-huU-udeut ol surveys, ?? and Oudh ...

Published: Tuesday 05 December 1899
Newspaper: Morning Post
County: London, England
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... road. Limbury, from Herbert Clark, carpenter, who in turn applied for possession of Norfolk House in the same road from Sidney Rix, insurance agent. Rix's plea was that Huckleshy asked for possie-sion of Clark's aa coon as possible after he bought it ...

Published: Friday 07 March 1924
Newspaper: Luton Reporter
County: Bedfordshire, England
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... wing three-quarter, agreed that the accident which led to his death the game with Oldham last Saturday was a purs accident. Sidney Rix, an Oldham centre threequarter. Mid he had run with the ball about five yards when Baldwin made attempt to stop or tackle ...

Published: Thursday 09 October 1930
Newspaper: Daily Herald
County: London, England
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... Saturday, received his injuries accidentally. Baldwin. who lived in Farnworthstreet, Widnes, was twenty-four years of — Sidney . Rix. the Oldham centre. said that during a passing movement Baldwin came to tackle him. At the same time witness was tackled ...

Published: Wednesday 08 October 1930
Newspaper: Liverpool Echo
County: Lancashire, England
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... accepted a business appointment in the South of England. Oldham have suffered a severe misfortune. During the week-end, Sidney Rix, one of the most resourceful the Watersheddings backs, went into hospital to undergo an operation for knee trouble. • Rix ...

Published: Monday 25 July 1927
Newspaper: Athletic News
County: Lancashire, England
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