... SUFFRAGE. NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR WOMEN’S Mr. L. Courtney, M.P., who presided Thursday at the National Society for Womens Suffrage, which was held at the Westminster Palace Hotel. Amongst those present were Dr. Cameron, M.P., Mr. J. Stansfeld. M.P., Mr. ...


... presented the Queen, behalf of the unhappy criminal [cheers]. The Rev. Mr. Binnie, having pointed out in the treatment Mary Anne Hunt and other women convicted of murder the strongest grounds for extending the royal clemency to Annette Meyers, stated that ...

Published: Saturday 11 March 1848
Newspaper: Windsor and Eton Express
County: Berkshire, England
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... does it mean Universal Suffrage ? If it mean tbe latter, we advise the association to call things by their right names; let them eschew the meaningless term 44 large extension and declare themselves for 44 Universal Suffrage everybody knows what ...

Published: Saturday 21 August 1847
Newspaper: Leeds Times
County: Yorkshire, England
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... household suffrage. He objects to triennial parliaments, and reserves himself as to equal electoral districts. Mr Vincent declared himself a firm supporter of the four points involved in the present reform movement. As to household suffrage, he should ...

Published: Saturday 27 May 1848
Newspaper: Lancaster Gazette
County: Lancashire, England
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... respited because she was pregnant and the same mercy was extended to Mary Ann Hunt, who murdered her mistress Marylebone, on the same grounds, with this exception, that Mary Ann Hunt, though pregnant, was not married. These inequahties were not accordanee ...

Published: Friday 12 July 1850
Newspaper: Globe
County: London, England
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... be a party to the disfranchisement of the freeholders, nor yet to the proposed uniformity of suffrage, while he believed that a lowering of the borough suffrage must be the very foundation of a satisfactory Re| form Bill. The distribution of seats was ...

~~ 'r. JOHN BULL

... having for it* object a large extension of the suffrage, vote by ballot, triennial Parliaments, and equal electoral districts. The Reform Movement.—At Birmingham, the declaration in favour of household suffrage and the other reforms the moderate party has ...

Published: Saturday 20 May 1848
Newspaper: John Bull
County: London, England
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... l Mr. Forster a them meeting recently held support the Women'* Suffrage movement. Mr. atyn that whenever any under consideration Parliament extending the suffrage he ha* doubt that the ...

Published: Thursday 29 December 1881
Newspaper: Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette
County: Wiltshire, England
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... the franchise £7 rental, and one great recommending of a rating franchise was that it would prove a descent to universal suffrage.—Mr. Cave seconded the amendment, arguing that great progress was being made in equalizing assessment throughout the country ...

The Berkshire Chronicle

... advocate universal suffrage. They cannot succeed, because that would enfranchise a class beyond all contradic. tion incompetent to appreciate intelligently the electoral privilege. If. some of the philosophic liberals assert, the suffrage is a right, inherent ...

Published: Saturday 01 January 1859
Newspaper: Berkshire Chronicle
County: Berkshire, England
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... OF DEATH. THE CASE OE MART ANN HUNT. We umlerstund that a few Sir Georije Grey, Bart., Secretary for the Home Department, gave directions three gentlemen, eminent in the medical profession, to examine the slate Alary Ann Hunt, now under sentence of death ...

Published: Saturday 09 October 1847
Newspaper: Bucks Gazette
County: Buckinghamshire, England
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