... TREASURE HUNTING IN THE CARIBBEAN SEA. of It is now nearly six years since the quiet, not to say h to Somcclent, capitalof Jamaica was throwuinto afever of SI te excitement by the reported discovery of a hidden trsa- t sure of fabulous value in One of ...

Published: Saturday 21 January 1882
Newspaper: Hampshire Telegraph
County: Hampshire, England
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... COLON, APRIL 5, 1: On the 3rd instant the steamship European wag resh discharging on the weather side of the wharf, and the Caribbean taking in cargo on the leeside when'at seven o'clock in the morning one of the most fearful explosions I have ever experieneed ...

Published: Tuesday 01 May 1866
Newspaper: Liverpool Mercury
County: Lancashire, England
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... default one month's imprisonment, FOREIGN AND COLONIAL. AWEST INDIES. A.RRIVAL OF THE CARIBBEA.N. Yesterday, the West Indirm anud Pacific Steam-ship Company's s teamer Caribbean, Captain Hoare, arrived at Livcrool from Colon and liingston, but her news has becn ...

Published: Friday 11 May 1866
Newspaper: Leeds Mercury
County: Yorkshire, England
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... in North eind Sooth America, the ?? Mountains, and the Andes, converging in the latitude of rthe Gulf of Mexico end the Caribbean Sea, and continually odischarging into those estuaries the accumulating waters in the rocky cellars underneath them. This ...

Published: Wednesday 18 May 1870
Newspaper: Exeter Flying Post
County: Devon, England
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... Gulf Stream into the Pacific, says such has been the theory of many who hold that the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea are headed up by the perennial easterly trade winds, and that, consequently, the level of the Atlantic at the Panama ...

Published: Friday 11 March 1881
Newspaper: Leeds Mercury
County: Yorkshire, England
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... Spain and the United States, it is more tben probable that the strength of tbe respective navies will be ceontred in the Caribbean Sea, which in the opinion of Captain Mnhan is pre-eminently the domain of sea powers. Its politioal importance has benn long ...

Published: Saturday 09 April 1898
Newspaper: Aberdeen Press and Journal
County: Aberdeenshire, Scotland
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... front the United States Govern- ment giving him the monopoly of di-ging for guano in the Caribbean Islands. There is, it would now seem, no guano in the Caribbean Islands; and, as the islands themselves belong to Great Britain, the United States has no ...

Published: Saturday 24 July 1875
Newspaper: The Examiner
County: London, England
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... The project of a ship canal through the Isthmus of Panama, suggestc,l by the narrowness of the division there between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific, is nearly old the European knowledge of that fact Why it has not been done is apt, when asked in view ...

Published: Thursday 22 February 1849
Newspaper: Caledonian Mercury
County: Midlothian, Scotland
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UlisttlkiTeous Intelligence

... FOREIGN, AND COLONIAL. DREDGING IN THE CARIBBEAN SEA.—At the recent annual meeting of the United States National Academy Professor Agassiz presented an interesting report on dredging operations carried on in the Caribbean Sea during the past year. He had, ...

Published: Saturday 31 May 1879
Newspaper: Pontypool Free Press
County: Monmouthshire, Wales
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'Star o' Boston.'

... By Elden Pbilllpotts, Illustrated l)y C. HI. Taffs 1IUs was a very elderly merman, and he had lived in one cave under the Caribbean Sea for seventy submarine years. It's hard, he said, cruel hard, at my time of life, to be turned out after all the ...

Published: Thursday 01 July 1897
Newspaper: Graphic
County: London, England
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... The ranac of the ueeo- sea fauna he would now carry as high as 300 or si60 fathoms. WhIle dredging to the leeward of the Caribbean Islands large accumulations of vegetable matter and of hatd debris were brought up from deep water, many miles from shore ...

Published: Wednesday 10 September 1879
Newspaper: Leeds Mercury
County: Yorkshire, England
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... and also ti;ae most fertile in the Caribbean I iSea.' Its l'erhnnr At Port-Royal is the finest, in ?? We st Indies, and no less an authority thadii - Capta,-in Yiahan has described it as the, key of t he Caribbean Sea andl of the waterway w~hich one ...

Published: Saturday 06 May 1899
Newspaper: Glasgow Herald
County: Lanarkshire, Scotland
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