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... prices to-night vary from 2s. to 7s. 6d. and the concert is being given in the Regional programmes at 9 p.m., by the Catterall String Quartet and John Coates. Another new feature to-night is the first of the series of unfinished trials,” in which leading ...


... tin-rludins tail, 10.?, cr Hall tod ticket* f-en» ARCHIBALD KAMSDEN (LTD.), 12, EiT, eede. '/eieptaoe: 2412S C«jlr*l, CATTERALL STRING QUARTET* THURSDAY. April »i 8 pja. . 'ut Sohubgrt. TI7HARFEDALE COMPETITIVE FESTIVAL. KING'S HALL. HALEY. OPEN SOLO CLASSES: ...

ST. CEO&GK'S 11.V1.L

... MOISEJWfTSCII. February Bth.-Vcca:ist: Mil* DOROTHY Soto Pianoforte: Mice FANNY DAVIW. Solo Violin: Mr. CATTERALL. THE CATTERALL STRING QUARTET. March EL-Solo Violin: M» THOMAS THE ORCHESTRA. Conductor: Mr. RONALD. Terms Subscription*. end a.l particular* may ...

(Time Signal. Greenwich.)

... (Time Signal. Greenwich.) 6.30 Mozart’s Quintets, played by The Catterall String Quartet and Anne Wolfe. 6.50—“ New Books,” Mr. E. M. Forster. 7.10-7.25—“ The Doctor and the Public ” XII. The Surgery of To-morrow,” by a Surgeon. 7.30 “Our Debt to the ...

Published: Monday 19 December 1932
Newspaper: Leeds Mercury
County: Yorkshire, England
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Broadcasting Next Week

... 8.C. Symphony Concerts next Wednesday will be conducted by Adrian Boult, with Harold Samuel (pianoforte; and the Catterall String Quartet. The week’s play is given on Thursday in the form of farcical comedv written for Radio, entitled Stop Thief. It is ...


... achieved the conductor's purpose. Several pieces from the works of Tchaikovsky, Elgar. and Cesar Franc-k were played Catterall String Quartet, consisting of Arthur Catteralf, first violin, John 8. Bridge, second violin, Frank S. Park, viola, and Johan C. ...

Noted Violinist

... Catterall, the violinist, leader of the 8.8.C. Symphony Orchestra from 1929 to 1936, and who subsequently formed the Catterall String Quartet, died yesterday aged 59. He made his first appearance as a soloist at the age six and at nine played the Mendelssohn ...


... QUARTET. For the third chamber concert of the present session, the Newcastle Bach choir enlisted tho services of the Catterall String quartet, Messrs. Arthur Catterall. J. S. Bridge, F. S. Park, and J. C. Hock, and the King's Hall, Armstrong College, was ...


... so— Weather, news and shipping forecast. 9.o—North of England News. 9.s—Chamber Music. The Wireless Singers. The Catterall String Quartet: Arthur Catterall (violin), Lawrence Turner (violin), Bernard Shore (viola), Johan C. Hock (violoncello). 10.30 Epilogue ...

Published: Saturday 11 October 1930
Newspaper: Leeds Mercury
County: Yorkshire, England
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