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... Municipal Orchestra, conducted Basil Cameron, and George Baker (baritone). 10.30, Epilogue. 5G8.—3.45 to 5.15, The Catterall String Quartet and Yves Tinayre (tenor). 3.0, Service. conducted by the Rev. F. C. Snnrr. music the choir of the Binuiugham Royal ...


... 0 5.50. Society and Politics in the Old Testament. the Rev. Canon C. Carpenter. 8.50, Weather and News. 9.5. The Catterall String Quartet; Emmi Heim (soprano). 10.30, Epilogue. Midland.—3.3o. The Midland String Orchestra. conducted Frank Cantell; Tom ...


... Service, address by the Rev. P. Mc- Cormick, St. Martin-in-the-Fields. 8.50. News. 9.5. The Wireless Singers and The Catterall String Quartet. I.ondon and Midland.—3.3o. The Wireless Military Band. Sophie Wyss (soprano), Hughes Macklin (tenor). 5.0, Philippians ...

ROUND THE COUNTY. By E. D. Martell. 3.—BEDFORDSHIRE IN ENGLISH HISTORY Owing to its position Bedfordshire. I ..

... Kneale Kelley), conducted by Sir Henry Wood. 10.30, Epilogue. 5G8.-3.30 to 5.0, Tatiana Makushina (soprano); the Catterall String Quartet: Arthur Catterall (violin), John Bridge (2nd violin). Frank Park (viola), Johan C. Hock (violoncello). 7.55. the ...

THE WEEK-END BROADCAST. At 7 this evening will relay from the City Temple in London the speeches of Mr. Lloyd

... from Carr’s Lane Congregational Church, Birmingham. 3.50. Weather and News, 9.0. Stephen Bergmann (pianoforte); The Catterall String Quartet.—lo.3o, Epilogue. (Continued from preceding column.) agement of the County Hospital, to the letter sent as a result ...