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... KNOOKHOLT v. CRAY VALLEY PAPER MILLS. Played at Knockholt. Rink I.—Knockholt (B. Easy. J. Winter, A. Desborough. Jarvis), 35: Cray Valley (T. Nixon. E. O. Ferridge, Barton). 19. Rink 2.—Knockholt (F. Dorymeade, W. Skinner. R. Stobo, G. Hiscock), 24; ...

'tonbridge trade

... indebank Taylor 5; Neal not out 0; extras 2; total 37. Bowling' J Taylor 6 for 10. J Brccthing 4 lor 25. NEW BEACON v. CRAY VALLEY PAPER MILLS. This annual fixture played at the New Beacon on June resulted iu a win for the home team by two wickets. The visitors ...


... WILLIAM NASH LTD Cray Valley Paper Mills With a reputation extend ing over one hundred years of paper-making; Cray Valley papers have been in constant demand all over the world. This traditional craftsmanship coupled with modernised equipment still fulfils ...

Published: Saturday 24 February 1962
Newspaper: The Sphere
County: London, England
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TUB officers’ SALARIES, era

... sovereign. He would go into the question at the next meeting. A ST. PAUL'S CRAY FOOTPATH. Mr. William Nash, of the Cray Valley Paper Mills, wrote asking the Board to instruct the Surveyor to make good such bit of path that remained across the meadow which ...

Published: Friday 25 January 1895
Newspaper: Bromley & District Times
County: Kent, England
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... BOWLS TONBRIDGE 66; CRAY VALLEY PAPER MILLS 61. Sangwinc. Janes, Furnivall. 19; Mills 17. Church. Davenport, Lambert, Hollands, 32; Mills. 18. Willard. Cooper. Newbold. Whiteman. 15; Mills, 26. ...


... Catalogues from : DINGHY. 14 -16 ft. with inboard motor. must be seaworthy and in good condamn. Mr. C. E. Willns. Cray Valley Paper Mills. St. Paul's Cray. Phone °Molitor , 26671. W. & B. HOBBS 32 Bank Street. Ashford Phone 1044. ...

Published: Friday 12 May 1961
Newspaper: East Kent Gazette
County: Kent, England
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... Hall’s Ltd. (Dartford) on January 25. J. and E. Halls were defeated in the final of the Kent Junior Cup last season. Cray Valley Paper Mills, who failed to meet Ivy Farm on December 28 in the Sevenoaks Charity Cup. are now defunct and Ivy Farm pass into the ...


... Bird. 0. Meagher, l' Pierce, Chambers. W. Minter, H. Miller, F. Jenkins, and R. Miller. Bromley F.C. team to meet Cray Valley Paper Mills at Bromley on rtiourilay. at 2.30. will be F. H. Wood, W. R. Warren. A. H. Radford, R. K. Tesmiile. E. E. Mockford ...

Published: Thursday 30 November 1922
Newspaper: Pall Mall Gazette
County: London, England
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Drawn Games Upsat Forecasts

... Baxter. Wood, Turkistan. Airmen'* Cup-tie. Hating won tho divisional final of the Kent Junior Cup Mams ton K.A.F. play Cray Valley Paper Mills Northfleet in the serai-inal of the competition February 26th. The Airmen play teen game, and their succea® against ...

Published: Saturday 29 January 1921
Newspaper: Thanet Advertiser
County: Kent, England
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... CHARITY CUP. Ide Hill v. Dunton Green. Tatsfleld v, Chipstead 0.8. Green Street Green v. Crockenhill. Ivy Farm v. Cray Valley Paper Mills. St. George’s A v. Kemsing. Wrotham Heath v. Borough Green. Otford v. St. John’s. Crockenhill Res. v. Westerham Res ...