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Britannia and Eve



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Britannia and Eve


... its most vivid and virile pictures, signing his work Joseph Conrad. Continued on p. 92 JACOB EPSTEIN the famous British sculptor, is of Russo- Polish descent and was born in New York JOSEPH CONRAD, whose novels are world- known. His real name was Ko ...


... Bill became public. Two rr-- p-Ti most distinguished names on the sick-list lyJJ were those of PRINCESS CHRISTIAN and JOSEPH CONRAD. 2nd, F R I D A Y Easter Law Sittings end. SIR EDWARD ELGAR, greatest English musician for two centuries, born near Wor ...

WAR And The Weather: Throughout The Centuries

... perhaps the finest as it was the final example. The weather at Trafalgar, as a master alike of prose and of seamanship, Joseph Conrad, has written, was not unfavourable, it was dangerous. For some forty minutes the fate of the great battle hung upon a ...

Published: Friday 01 September 1944
Newspaper: Britannia and Eve
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 1115 | Page: 22, 55 | Tags: Illustrations 

Prepare your mind: What we shall look forward to in an after-the-war Government

... mechanic must know about the insides of a motor car. And, continuing with the simile, perhaps you will remember the way Joseph Conrad opened Chance, when he had the old sea captain say: Why! If I navigated my ship with the ignorance born of complacency ...

Published: Thursday 01 October 1942
Newspaper: Britannia and Eve
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 2456 | Page: 16, 17, 70 | Tags: Illustrations 

The Long Bulge UPWARDS

... how to proceed. A ragged robin among the birds of mankind, I thought long and earnestly during the days that followed. JOSEPH CONRAD once wrote that strength was nothing to boast of when you have it that it merely arises from the weakness of others. In ...