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The Bystander

THE LIBRARY: Who's Humorous?

... THE LIBRARY z Novels to Order This Week J The Secret Agent. By Joseph Conrad. Ll lj f MMUlf (.Methuen os.) [j I HI 111 lii Major Vigoureux. By A. 1. Ouiller-Couch. Vll til I II II /MpiIiiipii fic itiulk M J The Weavers. SWw (Heinemann 6s. By Sir Gilbert ...


... manuscript having been destroyed or never having existed except in the form of corrected type script. I am not certain that Joseph Conrad ever catered in this way for the craze of the moment, but I seem to remember Richard Whiteing doing a manuscript copv of ...

Published: Wednesday 20 August 1930
Newspaper: The Bystander
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 1596 | Page: 35, 44 | Tags: Illustrations 

The Literary Log: Vagabondus Redivivus

... where his predecessors have established agencies, so to speak, for their own personal attractions. Joseph Conrad The three stories which Joseph Conrad has gathered together under the title of 'Twixt Laud and Sea (Dent 6s.) are among the best I have ever ...


... author's highest standard. NOVELS OF 1C07 TWELVE OF THE BEST The Hill of Dreams By Arthur Maclien The Secret Agent. By Joseph Conrad Furze the Cruel. By John Trevena The Arti'tic Temperament. By Jane Wardle The Vigil. By Harold Begbie A Nonconformitt ...


... 900 pieces Price 31/- post free. THE TORRENS. This picture has a particular interest, inasmuch as the great novelist, Joseph Conrad sailed in her as First Mate. Also companion subject. The ROSS-SHIRE. 42 page Illustrated Catalogue and Leaflets containing ...

Published: Wednesday 20 September 1933
Newspaper: The Bystander
County: London, England
Type: Advertisement | Words: 111 | Page: 61 | Tags: Illustrations 

The Library: How Long Should a Novel Be?

... average jog-trot novel, such as has to be written by the author who makes a living out of it. If Mr. H. G. Wells, or Mr. Joseph Conrad, or Mr. Arnold Bennett, or any other licensed weaver, like to spin the v^arn out half as long again, that is for them to ...

A New Literary Log: The September Book Monthly

... enthusiastic at any thing which happens in thn commonplace story. The September Book Monthly. As all the world knows. Joseph Conrad has arrived. By birth he is a Pole, and it is said of him that when he came to write it was at first a toss-up whether ...

Published: Wednesday 03 September 1919
Newspaper: The Bystander
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 693 | Page: 50 | Tags: Illustrations  Review 

The Literary Log: A Civil List Mystery

... demand, and never were there more media for it. One is, therefore, a little surprised at the grant of £100 per annum to Mr. Joseph Conrad, who surely would find little difficulty in making that sum a score of times annuallyr would he but condescend to adapt ...


... which it will, some day or night, exactly fit. I feel very much that way towards A Set of Six, the short story volume by Joseph Conrad (Methuen), which, with a few others, I havS Sway with me at the moment. Mr. Conrad calls these tales respectively romantic ...

Published: Wednesday 26 August 1908
Newspaper: The Bystander
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 1028 | Page: 38 | Tags: Illustrations  Review 


... Blanchette In the West Countrie, August i. Dear Cousin HERE in the distant restfulness of Devon and the peace of the sea (as Joseph Conrad once called it) I think one feels perhaps even more than ever what that Day means which happens this week. August the Fourth ...

Published: Wednesday 03 August 1927
Newspaper: The Bystander
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 1065 | Page: 42, 44 | Tags: Illustrations 

The Library: The Newest Journalism!

... the journalistic outlook. It prints poems. Also articles in foreign languages. It allows reminiscences (those of Mr. Joseph Conrad are now running), and it gave first to the world Mr. H. G. Wells's Tono- Bungay as a serial, in chapters of positively ...


... old kit-bag, and stroll off to one of those islands in the Pacific, or some other luke-warm ocean, after the fashion of Joseph Conrad, Somerset Maugham, or Robert Louis Stevenson. How splendid to sit about all day in the warm sun, with plenty to eat and ...

Published: Wednesday 14 February 1923
Newspaper: The Bystander
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 1195 | Page: 15, 17 | Tags: Illustrations