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... gone down at the Mermaid and Miss Marie Lohr strives bravely to demonstrate that something happens in the novels of Mr. Joseph Conrad apart from the delicate interaction upon one another by the elderly- seafaring men who exchange their finely balanced ...


... which it will, some day or night, exactly fit. I feel very much that way towards A Set of Six, the short story volume by Joseph Conrad (Methuen), which, with a few others, I havS Sway with me at the moment. Mr. Conrad calls these tales respectively romantic ...

Published: Wednesday 26 August 1908
Newspaper: The Bystander
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 1028 | Page: 38 | Tags: Illustrations  Review 


... arrived by way of Blackwood may be mentioned Miss Beatrice Harraden, Mrs. i hurston, Mr. lMeil Munro, Sydney Grier, Mr. Joseph Conrad, Mr. Bernard Capes, and Mr. John Buchan. A very scholarly book on Shakspere's London has been published by an American ...

Published: Wednesday 26 July 1905
Newspaper: The Sketch
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 1024 | Page: 20 | Tags: Illustrations 

WOMAN'S WAYS: New Modes in Peking

... years in different ways is patent to the most super ficial observer of the human comedy. Now we have the authority of Mr. Joseph Conrad that the in experience of the man of forty- is a much more serious thing than the inexperience of a youth of twenty in ...

Published: Wednesday 07 October 1908
Newspaper: The Sketch
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 1002 | Page: 29 | Tags: Illustrations 


... laborious- ness and crudity may George Meredith, Henry Jaines, George Eliot, William Makepeace Thackeray, Emily Bronte, Joseph Conrad, the Gods, and you forgive this book. Mothers and Children: Hitherto Unpublished Stories by the late 44 Frank Danby. ...


... supers withdraw themselves to some maritime retreat where they employ themselves navally in read ing the works of Mr. Joseph Conrad whilst the miserable travellers are left to that mournful and searching in trospection which is the lot of most of those ...

Without Prejudice

... Sitting up a little and taking nourishment in the galley (or cuddy) here, is this dramatic criticism or a novel by Mr. Joseph Conrad Have patience, brave reader he asks, Where am I And the manly voice of Mr. Dennis Eadie replies, In the Royalty Theatre ...


... Hampstead, robed in a buskless bodice, and crowned, orbed, and sceptred with the collected works of D. H. Lawrence and Joseph Conrad, she dictates our tastes and our prefer ences in letters and drama. Running rather to repertory, she tends to command our ...


... from it were probably the most popular feature in the reper toire of that distressing touring orchestra from which Mr. Joseph Conrad victoriously rescued Miss Marie Lohr whenever it set foot in the Straits Settlements. So where is it? En attendant, there ...


... night, though I had been told by the young actress- manageress that all would end well, and that the wonderful novel of Joseph Conrad would be adhered to except for the denoue ment. Miss Marie Lohr, who appeared in answer to the clamouring for a speech ...

Published: Wednesday 09 April 1919
Newspaper: The Sketch
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 925 | Page: 20 | Tags: Illustrations 


... induce Mr. Arnold Bennett to turn himself into an Elizabethan dramatist some cut up the more reflective novels of Mr. Joseph Conrad into practicable lengths whilst others (and they seem to be the wisest, after all) just go on producing Chu Chin Chow. ...


... BY ELLA HEPWORTH DIXON. Titles for Women. A savour of perversity marks the proceedings of Man on what Mr. Joseph Conrad calls this melancholy globe. As a rule, people who ardently desire things are not given them, while on those who hold them cheap ...

Published: Wednesday 27 November 1907
Newspaper: The Sketch
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 1011 | Page: 29 | Tags: Illustrations