... by some authorities to Palamedes, a Grecian hero of the Trojan war, about 1(180 a.r. The word chews is derived from the Persian shah, king; and checkmate, or shahmat, means king eonfounded or everts - mfg. . But not only in Persian, but in Fninacrit ...

Published: Saturday 14 September 1912
Newspaper: Wicklow People
County: Wicklow, Republic of Ireland
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... SHARP REPLY TO DECREE. RUSSIA NOTIFIES POWERS SHE WON’T INTERFERE. [BEVTER’e TRLEGRAMS.] morning the Young Persian Shah was conducted to Sultanababad Palace and there formally acquainted bis accession, ft is believed will be sent abroad to ...


... ruler night,-as wished to lay the informations before Kashgar, and Abdoussamed Mirza. brother of the Attorney-General. Persian Shah. It is uncertain whether the attend- The case was adjourned for fortnight. Young ance of the Shah himself can be secured ...

Published: Friday 23 March 1883
Newspaper: Dublin Daily Express
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... and course every country lias own eje-tmotive addresses for its own iux- subjects, or citizen* In tlie F.i-t have the Persian “Shah In Shall. or King Knigs” ; the Mikado is tho Sou Heaven; the Emporor of China i 1.0 Celestial.” Hero in. flic wo have ...

Published: Saturday 02 July 1904
Newspaper: Belfast Telegraph
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(From the Standard.)

... if Herat has been really captured, is of Russian suggestion there can be little doubt; and reason for deep regret the Persian Shah will have that he has ned the insidious counsels of the Czar. That Persia alone can make no stand against the hardy mo ...

Published: Saturday 05 January 1856
Newspaper: Saunders's News-Letter
County: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
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... and curiosity to see British prince is as strong in Bombay as the same passion would be in London see Turkish Sultan or a Persian Shah. Every otticial effort too had been made to get a spectacle and sensation. Of spectacle there was no lack Eight triumphal ...

Published: Saturday 20 November 1875
Newspaper: Dublin Weekly Nation
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... left wing Press guidance of t . eir Am has started a campaign in support Advisers, It is he who. « of the recently formed Persian Shah, would decide Association of the Partisans of attach he l her „ Peace—which is the propaganda stand at the frontier or ...

Published: Tuesday 19 September 1950
Newspaper: Belfast News-Letter
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... discussion In the English press. Mirza Malkom, Rhau has been sent to St, Petersburg to announce the arrival, in April, -of Lthe Persian Shah. The Shah will visit St. Petersburg, Berlin, Vienna, London, and Paris, and retam home by Con- stantinople. r | ~~AMERICA ...

Published: Wednesday 15 January 1873
Newspaper: Freeman's Journal
County: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
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... to contradict, since they state that the advance the troops on Cabul has been now countermanded till the intentions tl»c Persian Shah become more evident than they present are, and tfclt, consequently, they have not yet moved from Shikapore. Representative ...

Published: Saturday 11 May 1839
Newspaper: Dublin Evening Post
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... Cronstadt in order to bring the Russ to our terms. No such thing. But neither the Ruler of the Celestial empire, nor the Persian Shah has Sebastopol to pcint its bristling cannon against the ships of England, and hence she plays the part of the agressor ...

Published: Saturday 07 February 1857
Newspaper: Carlow Post
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eneti march to Delhi, in the footsteps of Nadir Shah, taking care, the same time, to express, in the hearing

... sailed into the Persian Oulph, a British force was under march, ing orders for the Affghan States. In the meantime the Persian Shah had failed assault against Herat, and thinking that discretion was the better part of valour under these circumstances ...

Published: Friday 11 January 1856
Newspaper: Belfast Mercury
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RACES ON TV (U'TV): 1.46 : : 145 : : 3.15

... Cavalry Charge. H miao Nicholson 6 10-10 w 7 Shiun's Whistle. G Harwood. 10-10 S SE Nocturnal. Miss Sinclair. 10-5 Mama al II Persian Shah. C floadell. 10-3 P Kelliewel 111 ANN Jams, N Dent. 10-5 11 454 Mans Dolled. A Kerr. 10-5 .. A DIMON It NNW Creek Cloud ...

Published: Friday 16 December 1966
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