The Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen was shot and killed during the. Hist World War. He had shot down 80

... The Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen was shot and killed during the. Hist World War. He had shot down 80 MI. planes in two years His nickname came from his red Fokker trlphosit Ma Queen Elizabeth II was born in London. Ma Astronauts from Apollo 16 landed ...

Published: Thursday 21 April 1994
Newspaper: Newcastle Journal
County: Northumberland, England
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Old ‘Red

... ace was a German. Dubbed “The Red Baron, von Richthofen was personally credited with shooting down 80 enemy aircraft, all British except for a lone Belgian. His red Fokker monoplane led what was known as “Richthofen’s Flying Circus”, a familiar and ...

Published: Tuesday 03 January 1989
Newspaper: Aberdeen Press and Journal
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... forces in Bosnia, visiting Robert Gordon's University. LONDON Parliament. LONDON Phillips to sell plane in which “Red Baron von Richthofen was shot down. State opening of THURSDAY LONDON First consignment of Beaujolais Nouveau via Channel Tunnel. GENERAL ...

Published: Saturday 12 November 1994
Newspaper: Aberdeen Evening Express
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mat aogoon

... vastly superior German pilots form the basis of this very exciting story. Incidentally, he really does meet the Red Baron, Von Richthofen, the greatest German ace of them all, and the rest of that crack German squadron with their multi-coloured planes ...

Published: Saturday 28 May 1977
Newspaper: Reading Evening Post
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• Jemmy sod Use Sheep Thieves by Grioadds Gifford inertia. Nine year old Jenny lives in a London flat When

... sky deal elands with the early days of flying. pre Second World War. The most interesting stories are about the Red Baron. 50. Richthofen and how he met his death. and the very la chapter concentrates on air mysteries planes that damp pear in the Bermuda ...

Published: Saturday 09 September 1978
Newspaper: Reading Evening Post
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... flying with No. Squadron, which, as No. 9 Squadron in the 1914-18 war, has to its credit the shooting down of the Red Baron ’’ Von Richthofen, by Canadian Captain Brown. Flt.-Lt. Dewhirst. who has signed on for 7 years or until qualified for pension,” expects ...

Published: Friday 06 December 1946
Newspaper: Bucks Herald
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When the Red Sun Rose on Amiens

... a quaint survival of the past, with a curiously ornamented facade. It was close to Corbie that the notorious Red Baron von Richthofen, the most deadly German aerial fighter of the war, was brought down. Until last year his grave was to seen not far ...

Published: Monday 27 August 1928
Newspaper: Derby Daily Telegraph
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... THE LEGEND OF FRENCHIE KING A Certificate Programme. One Evening Performance at 6:40 (Feature, 8.23). S- Also—THE RED BARON Von Richthofen) One Evening Performance at 6.35 (Feature 8.19) lUNDAY, St P'FEMBER 8111—FOR FOUR DIA He has 100 ways to kill— and ...

Published: Thursday 05 September 1974
Newspaper: North Wales Weekly News
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My air battle with Red Baron

... of aerial combat with Germany's most famous hero of World War I, Mau red von Richthofen, leader of the first Flying Circus and familiarly known as the Red Baron. Von Richthofen was only 22, when he was killed in his red Fokker tri-plane over the Somme in ...

Published: Friday 16 September 1983
Newspaper: Liverpool Echo
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Sopwith Pup will lead 100th birthday tribute to its creator

... the Camel. The Camel gained a legendary reputation, one flown by Roy Brown being responsible for shooting down the Red Baron, von Richthofen. After the war Sopwith liquidated his company, only to torm a new partnership with Harry Hawker. By the time of the ...

Published: Monday 18 January 1988
Newspaper: Dundee Courier
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Fokker display

... display GERMAN ambassador Hermann von Richthofen is to visit a Somerset air museum tomorrow to see a flying display by an exact replica of the Fokker triplane flown by his famous ancestor, the Red Baron. Baron von Richthofen, his greatuncle, claimed to have ...

Published: Wednesday 27 June 1990
Newspaper: Reading Evening Post
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War fortune

... War fortune The black cross symbol cut from the Fokker flown by the Red Baron Manfred Von Richthofen In the Great War Is expected to fetch £lOO,OOO at auction. Tears of love Actress Catherine Zeta Jones, star of Darling Buds of May, is reported to have ...

Published: Monday 26 September 1994
Newspaper: Sandwell Evening Mail
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