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... when, in the presence of the Mayor. Aldermen, and Councillors the Borough. Lily Kipton, the ten-year-old daughter of Mr. Thomas Ripton, former!* •Irum-major of the Ist Battalion Norfolk Regiment, van presented with diploma of honour and enamelled cross •* ...

Published: Friday 03 January 1908
Newspaper: Eastern Daily Press
County: Norfolk, England
Type: Article | Words: 205 | Page: 8 | Tags: none

COLCHESTER’S CHILD HEROINE With reference the paragraph m Tuesday iseuo recording a courageous rescue from ..

... Liiy Ripton, aged tec, Canterbury Road, Codcheeter, it is a singular coincidence that, ten tears ago. Lily's brother, Thomas Ripton. received the Royal Humane Society s certificate on vellum for his gallantry in attempting to save boy who had fallen tbrougtt ...

Published: Thursday 05 September 1907
Newspaper: Evening Star
County: Suffolk, England
Type: Article | Words: 154 | Page: 1 | Tags: none

Conservative and Unionist Party, which wa* the Party in power to-day. (Applause.) But now, unfortunately. the ..

... Herbert French ; assentors. William Harding, John Kemp. M K. Carrington. B. G. Greenwissi. Thomas L. Cooper, William Daly. Thomas Ripton, and John C. Copaey. Also propoaed Thomas A Canham and diaries Cook ; assentors. W. Edwards, Thomas Mills. Charlotte Spartan ...

Published: Saturday 26 October 1895
Newspaper: Essex Standard
County: Essex, England
Type: Article | Words: 2853 | Page: 8 | Tags: none

THE WEATHER. PLUCKY RESCUE BY LADS AT Four lads, whose a*es averaged about thirteen or fourteen years, were ..

... body, however, got under the ice and remained there. It was recovered on Monday, and the inquest was held on Tuesday. —Thomas Ripton, lad of 12, living lio Keudal-road, said ran across the ice to the deceased. Deceased's head was under the ice, but could ...

Published: Friday 05 February 1897
Newspaper: Chelmsford Chronicle
County: Essex, England
Type: Miscellaneous | Words: 663 | Page: 3 | Tags: none