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... down for the hopping, was sentence*! to 21 days' hard labour for being drunk and dis orderly and begging Hast Peckham.— Thomas Ripton. another stranger, was charge*! with the theft of hop-poke, value*! Is, the property of Mr F. Skinner, Voiding. Prisoner ...

Skipper for the Shamrock

... Skipper for the Shamrock. The skipper of Sir Thomas Ripton’s new Shamrock, the latest challenger for the America Cup which being hoi t at Gosport. will bo Captain E. Heard, of Brightlingsea. He had charge last season of the late Sir Mortimer Singer s ...

Published: Tuesday 12 November 1929
Newspaper: Portsmouth Evening News
County: Hampshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 61 | Page: 10 | Tags: none