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Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier


... to her with her usual cleverness. ho other performers also acquitted themselves most creditably. The fine band the 51st Light Infantry did duty us a most efficient orchestra. The little theatre filled with fashionable audience, who expressed their approval ...

Fort William, June 5, 1852.—The Governor-Generain Council has tbe gratification of announcing the capture of ..

... stormed and taken. To Captain Rice, Captain Darroch, and Lieutenant Carter, of her Majesty’s 51st Light Infantry; to Lieutenant Ansiey, 9th Madras Native Infantry; to Lieutenant Craster, Bengal Engineers ; and to Dr. M'Cosli, of the medical department, the ...

B I It T H S

... quore, London, Viscountess Il'.od, of a w*n. tho 6lh in-t., Dover, tho wife of R. Norton Cartwright, Esq., Captain 51st Light Infantry, of a daughter. tho Gth iiist, Bevcrley-road, Colchester, the wifo of Lieut.-Colonel Cooch, of daughter. ...


... Sinclair, M.D., aged 15 years. . On the Ist Aug., at Nundkotc, near Murree, Punjab, Edward Dudley Oliver, Captain 51st Light Infantry, third son of J. D. Oliver, Esq., Cherrymount, county Wicklow. On the Bth inst., at Brompton, at an advanced age, Sarah ...


... granting to Capt. Cole £lOO for every cupola brought into the service for the next 14 years. Captain Minchin, formerly 51st Light Infantry, and Quartermaster Henry, oth Depot Battalion, have been appointed Military Knights Windsor. Col. Haines, of the Bth ...


... sappers of the Royal Engineers are to embark for Bermuda in the Isabella on the 4th of February. A detachment of the 51st Light Infantry, under the command of Captain C. K. ChatfiSld, has arrived Hampton Court, from Dover, to stationed there a guard over ...


... three feet of water, it will be, doubtless, tho first of many more the same species. Tho half-yearly inspection of 51st Light Infantry took place at Malta, on Monday, the sth of November iust. The regiment, in complete heavy marching order, was formed ...


... for foreign service :46th & 93d to go to Gibraltar ; 12th to the Mauritius, to relieve the 29th, ordered home , 51st light infantry to New South Wales 77th regiment to Malta; 68th, from Gibraltar to Jamaica to relieve the 84th. ordered home ; 70th ...

ARMY NEWS, FASHION AND VARIETIES. One troop of th« Ist Dragoons, from Cork, and two companies of the 89th Regiment,

... Regiment will proceed to the Curragh Camp on the embarkation of the 65th Regiment for India, and will be replaced the 51st Light Infantry at Waterford and out-stationa. Two companies of the 80th Regiment are under orders to proceed from Birr to Clare Castle ...

off under most satisfactory

... W. Peake, Mr. Sullivan, A. L. Newman, Miss Newman, Miss Morris, and Miss Perry; William Moore Drew, Henry Wcstropp, 51st Light Infantry; B. Anderson, Thomas Burke, Mr. Wayth, R.N.; Lieut. Graves, Royal Engineers ; Samuel Hodder, Captain Ross, 90th Regiment; ...

MILITARY AND NAVAL. The General Commanding-in-Chief has appointed Lieutenant C. E. 8. Scott to the Rojel Horse ..

... Fusiliers, 32nd Light Infantry, 70th, 81st, 94th and 90th regiments, to embark on board the Eastern Monarch at Gravesend, for Kurrachec; 383 men anti 1 officer of the 3rd Dragoon Gnords, Bth Hussars, 17th Lancers, 51st Light Infantry, flCth ...


... general; Major Generol A C Pole, G3rd Regiment, to lieutenant general; olonel A Frrington, on retired full pay, of the 51st Light Infantry, to major general. Majors R Anderson, oGlh Regiment, Fitzgerald, 33rd Regiment, Collingwood, 21st Fusiliers, ticott ...