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... motor. An Ell with the blackberries sad syrup. Stand outline of the rcucme or shows is the aside a while to set. &kind! Tharommay Foot.—Stew some ripe blackberries with plenty of sugar and very little water, and simmer the blackberries gently until tender ...

To CULAN A Sato Zoo

... Arm grip and prevents any slipping. WHEN BLACKBERRIES ARE RIPE.- SORE RECIPES. - One pint of blackberries, two tablogioonfuts of brc dcrumbs. lose. butter, one or two eggs, sugar to taste. Stew the blackberries with the sugar and a very little water, and ...


... 1,- doz.; tomatoes (hothouse) pink and white 7 / 6 to 10/, pink 5 , - to 7 , 121 b.; apples 2d. to 41d. lb.; cultivated blackberries 1/- to 1,11 lb.; plums. purple eggs 4,- to 6.6 121 b.; czars 5,6 to 7 6 121 b.; laxton bountiful 6 , - to 7.6 121 b.: victories ...


... the yam not I:eep. When jam is made of blackberries only, many people do not care for it. If, however, blackberries are mixed with sour apples, equal parts of each, the devour of the jam will be improved. Blackberry jam sometimes mode of sae-part etOft ...

MARKETS AND SALES EVESHAM CENTRAL. Monday.— Brosa beans 7 6 201 b.. runner 51d, to 710. lb.. stick 80. to

... tomatoes. pink and white 9/. to 14/-. pink 8/- to 10 white 8/- to 11/- 12;b.. apples 3d to 3d. lb.; Worcesters to Bld, lb.. blackberries cultivated 10d. to 1/4. hedgeiow 4d, to 9d. lb.: pears 2 - to 3- 121 b., plums. Victoria, best 7,8 to 9.6. med. 5.6 to ...


... white lis. to 125. 6d.. pink 6s. to 11. 6d.. white 85. 6d to 10s. 6d. per 121 b.: apples. cooking 6d to 61d.' ner lb.; blackberries. cultivated Is. to Is. Ild. per lb.. plums. Victoria.. best 9s. gd. to 10s. 6d. medium fls to 9‘.. seconds 3s, to 65.. ...