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Bell's Life in London and Sporting Chronicle



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London, London, England



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Bell's Life in London and Sporting Chronicle


... Auatln’a b Selim, aged Mr. B. Bmlih a br h 8 lok-ln-the-Mud, aged ; Mr. B. Bradley's b g Rocket, aged; and Mr. Townsend’a br g Blackberry, aged.—Mr. B. Harris been appointed Slakeh Ider. WnntTLiNQ. —The annual match will take place to-morrow and two following ...

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... Cwm, He sleeps the copselifind among the futze bushes, and hat been seen eating raw thellmth and sea-weed, upon which and blackberries supposed have existed the whole time bat been there. At be has avoided the haunts men,” and conceals himself at soon sees ...


... from the udder. Scottmam. Melancholy Disabteu.—Oq Saturday week y« * f* Hatton, was out wltb s«.me companions in search of blackberries. They went into p antallon RitUkte Moresby, near Whitehaven, where there is an old coal pit which has not been * s rd for ...


... Day’s br gby Saracen, aged .Captain Berkeley) .. .. 1 Mr ilavtln rn’s g Sail r, Young Grimaldi, aged.. 2 Mr Butt i’s hr g Blackberry, by Arbutus aged . 3 cockcrell’# br g Parchment, aged . . . 4 A sovs each ; one and a half five subs. Webb’s ...

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... so'what’ll you have on it. On St. Patrick’s night come three years be was up with a party of boys and girls at the Bull and Blackberry, and played and drank, and he drank and he | laved, till he could hardly wag his elbow or his chin, and was at last obliged ...

OOU&flU*** COURSING MEETINGS TO COM*. Epsom Dec. I Southport Fm. Waterloo (liver) Fitir Louth Jam. 30 | Altcar ..

... Blundell’s bk and w Blackberry beat Mr Shaw’s Spondee, Mr Congreve’s CaW-au-lait beat Mr B. G. Hornby s Horeb, Lord Talbot’s bk Tweed beat Mr Swan’s bd b Sweetlips, and Mi Lamb’s r b Lark beat Lord Telbot’s bk d Thames. Ties ; Blackberry beat Cafe-au-lait ...


... A.modcu. bt. Mr Hmd, l. • Mr Swan’, Sl«shio, Harry beat Lord Talbot's Turcoman. Mr. Rigby'. Rasp beat*Mr Blundeira Blackberry, Mr Thump,on'. Tjmvrorth bear M, Clowes's Grin le Mr Lowton’s Lynch beat Mr Congre* » Cafe au Lait, Mr Shaw’s Spree belt ...

iathstrespdet probably h. eompurieon with otters s»(kr like cireofsw. it will tpfotr that each disadvantage wot ..

... Blackman, br d Mr Batt’s.—Puppy stakes at Ostcrlcy, Nov. 13. Banmcu, w b : Mr Bonar’s.—Puppy cup at Aberdeen. Oct. 31. Blackberry, bk and b : Mr BluudcU’s.—Altear Hall stakes at Altear, Nov. M. Baehful, bk b : Mr Fowler’s.—The Oaks stakes at Louth. Nov ...


... had left | for Uurghley. The first lux, lound in Salt Spring Wood, threaded Plantation, skirted Spinney, and was killed at Blackberry Hill, where the ladies had fortunately taken up a position after the first burst. The Duke | Cambridge received the brush ...


... out Mr. Houtsen's Harriet; Spe* sister to SuMinna . Contest by Victor, out «f Cora , Knick-kna' k by Harrita s Hardwick ; Blackberry’s pedignw aot given ; Himalaya by Hugo, out of Hector Thomasma’a pedigree net gitrew. Tub RkXAiviNe Stakes.—Mrius Nonsuit ...


... fair hostess that she might as busy on the former occasion, when posters were at high premium, & the Coiint t’ann thick blackberries in Autumn. At Littlebury we found Hannan loya'ly reconing under the Queen’s Head,” and Stocks, we heard, was attViidm ...