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Nottingham Review and General Advertiser for the Midland Counties




East Midlands, England


Nottinghamshire, England


Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England



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Nottingham Review and General Advertiser for the Midland Counties


... wife set out supper, and the deceased ate some, drinking mug of small beer with it. then had about a quarter of pint of blackberry wine, and though pressed stay all night, refused, and set off home a few minutes before eleven o’clock. did not appear ...

York Spring Meeting. Monday, May 25. —Sweepstakes of 20 sov. each, two miles, 5 subs. Lord Scarborough’s ..

... Smyrna. ~ _ A Sweepstakes of Jogs, each, 15gs. ft. for two year olds. T.i.C. About half a mile. Mr. T. Houldsworth’s br f Blackberry, by Sherwood—Jocko s ch c Splendour, by Sovereign 'son of Bigot}, dam by Deceiver. . Mr. Platel's ch f Toujours, by Smyrna ...

Derby Races

... colts, Bsl ‘Jib; fillies, Bst. Half a mile. Mr. Giffard’s be by Banker, out of Nerissa, by Woeful ; ■ Mr. Houidsworth’s hr Blackberry, by Sherwood - Sir George Sitwell’s by Figaro, dam by bilbo Mr. Charlton's by dam bilbo I’lita, grandam Mr. Piatell’sc Tuiijours ...

Mr. Charlton’s ch fby Magistrate, out of Zephyrina

... 30 gs. each, h. ft. for two years old colts, Hsl. 31b. and lillies, Bst. T. Y.C. About balf mile. Mr. Houldsworth’s br f Blackberry, by Sherwood Mr. Walker’s ch Splendour, by Sovereign Mr. Platel’s ch f Tonjours. hy Smyrna Mr. Charlton’s bf by Negociator ...


... progress for some lime past, and not only the coffin of her Grace is removed from the church at Bottesford, the tomb on Blackberry-hill, but those of the three Dukes of Rutland, the renowned Marquis of Granby, with the various members their families, ...


... 8 3 Mr. Walker’* ch Splendour, (S. Templemen) 1 8 0 Mr. Massev’s bf by Bobadil, dam Kyidener 2 Sir. Houldsworth’s hr f Blackberry, by Sherwood 3 Two paid forfeit. A Gold Cup, of 100 gs. value, subscribers of 10 gs. each (the surplus to be paid to the ...


... would no )e case; nor should we have the game and the pass laws, by which man is sent the house of correction for getting blackberries. If the peep e had a House of Commons, should have workhouses governed and constructed as if ’’ ’’ V * afraid people getting ...

A Hff r®| Jk WUfJiO^jß^UJjft

... prisoner’s house on the 16th.— j For the defence, Mary Jlarshall proved that she, the prisoner, and his wife were getting blackberries, when they found the piece of lead in a hedge ; they took to the nearest house, and asked several people if it belonged ...

Eligible Investment

... and flavour will surpass Ale. Porter, and Cider.—lll. To make Rhubarb Wine.—lV. To make Balm and Lemon Wine.—V. To make Blackberry Wine.—Vl. make Strawberry Wine, from only One Shilling to One Shilling and Fourpence per Gallon. These Wines will surpass ...


... health and flavor will surpass Ale, Porter, ami Cider.—lll. make Rhubarb Wine.—lV. To make Balm and mon Wine.—V. To make Blackberry Wine.—yl. make Strawberry Wine, from only e Shilling to One Shilling and Fourpence per Gallon. There Wines will surpass ...


... Lilly would have styled him, in his days, when magic, the black art, and credulity were rife, and conjurors ” plenty as blackberries,” is still nightly amusing a goodly company. We verily believe that all hts tricks, though prodigiously wonderful, are ...