... STUNG BY JELLYFISH When Mr. Zibelman arrived back at Dover he told a reporter that he had abandoned the swim owing to the wind rising and causing a choppy sea. He said that he suffered some discomfort at the start owing to being stung on the lip by jellyfish ...

Published: Tuesday 15 August 1933
Newspaper: Coventry Evening Telegraph
County: West Midlands, England
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... STUNG BY JELLYFISH Stung by a jellyfish and attacked at the same time by cramp. William Campbell, Wcoley Terrace Crook, struggled out of the sea at Roker on Saturday night in a state of collapse. Holidaymakers assisted him to a nearby pilot house, where ...


... STUNG BY JELLYFISH While bathing in the South Bav at Scarborough yesterday. Mrs Edna Canwell (31>. of Farquhar Road. Maltbv. near Rotherham, was stung by a Jellyfish on the arm and ieg. The shock caused her to collapse on regaining the shore ard she was ...


... JELLYFISH DIE Jellyfish stranded by the outgoing tide were left dying on the foreshore at Southend yesterday. Scores of them included the giant Portuguese Man-of- War type. about which police have been issuing warnings to bathers. ...

Published: Wednesday 01 July 1964
Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Post
County: West Midlands, England
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... HUMAN JELLYFISH. all know the type. meet it at the street comer, or tramping from workhouse to workhouse. It crops up occnsiouolly the family, in the factory, in the office; and often difficult know hat to with it. What can you make human beings who have ...

Published: Wednesday 24 March 1920
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post
County: West Yorkshire, England
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... JELLY-FISH. Jelly-ffsh are not particularly pleasant creatures to encounter when bathing, but they are highly interesting. There are many hundreds of different forms, yet none has brain, blood vessels, or skeleton. It propels itself in strange manner ...

Published: Tuesday 12 October 1926
Newspaper: Lancashire Evening Post
County: Lancashire, England
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... the JELLY-FISH. Oumit Islund was in»t •ie&o name the island. ' it that it wjjs name like »luinh-1»ell. ll hid two sofui(ireulir heaclies between two large headland*. The one looking over towards the main island of llong Kong was a wonderful jdaie for ...

Published: Friday 25 November 1949
Newspaper: Barnoldswick & Earby Times
County: Lancashire, England
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... THE JELLY-FISH. Here is another little incident which happened the other day. A lot of children were playing about on the headi when one of them found a large jellyfish which had been washed up the waves. One or two of them, with their spades, tossed ...

Published: Thursday 01 September 1927
Newspaper: Suffolk and Essex Free Press
County: Suffolk, England
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... CATCH WAS JELLYFISH But Belgian Skipper Was Fined Just The Same Leon Van Dierendonck, master of the Belgian motor trawler Foxhound, who was fined £10, with six guineas casts at Lowpctoft, to-day, for fishing within the three aile limit off Southwold. ...

Published: Tuesday 18 August 1936
Newspaper: Gloucestershire Echo
County: Gloucestershire, England
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... LARGE JELLYFISH. TO THR EDITOR OP THR MORNING POST. Sib,-— lt may interest some of your naturalist readers that I and a pupil captured outside the bar at Felixstowe Ferry a jellyfish (measured carefully against a _6in. stick) of just 2ft. in diameter ...

Published: Saturday 28 August 1897
Newspaper: Morning Post
County: London, England
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... THE MHIICIPAL JELLYFISH. PIECEMEAL AND PEOLINQTON. Th* Works Commutes of the Islington Borough Couneii was evidently not born under lucky atar. For thie unfortunate municipal combination the horoscope determines nothing will give it in the future the ...

Published: Monday 24 May 1909
Newspaper: Islington Gazette
County: London, England
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THIS WORLD OF OURS Kipling s Claim to Yorkshire—The Memorial Viscount Grey A Week for Shipbuilders—The ..

... . . The Jellyfish trade Also affected; however,-this ,1s rsther specialised and unlikely to, concern the average man. But It does-concern a certain London zoologist who found that sanctions prevented him from obtaining rare species Jellyfish which been ...