NAtAL intelligence

... proceeded on their voyage to China the 2tst August, under convoy of his Majesty’s ships Dedaigntuse and Dasher. The Bengal, Cumine, and Asia, Trementjre, arrived at Fort St. George the 3d, and were to sail for Bengal the 9th of September, 180+. Plymouth ...


... in-yards, aalled garden, ftc.-The Parsonage l»al repatr, |«.n.t case, held A.nct ttile-. which lie very compact, cumin about Acres, the soil are re Hand, of mun-.iiate may had; three healthy and productive, and easy cultivate. avelet; lease ...

fire head. If the defendant hays' Cotutnitt't:d 4'tiy :ault in not troubling your Lordships with any of his.own ..

... Counsel co laded by remitmending the defendant to mercy, and reminding the at thit excellent charaeter,zivisn him by. Dr. Parkinson, from an intimate triendship.for the last twelve years. He complained of the' Attar ney-General's tempting the defendant ...

Published: Tuesday 28 May 1811
Newspaper: Sun (London)
County: London, England
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... character. Appaientlv the tsteiist' of rehgton may sutTer ntio'c thesyeoftfie public this exposure; hut ready they cot; the cumin tl' would more mischief; lie might worm himself into, mure families, and abuse the cuniideine of others. 1: shall not carry ...

Published: Wednesday 29 May 1811
Newspaper: Evening Mail
County: London, England
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... S. and J. Calur. of St. Saviour's Church-yard. newspaper-dealers. .1. Gwyer and W. Birch, of Bristol. sail-makers. J. S. Parkinson and E. Ames, of Hellesdon, Norwich, oil-seed crushers. N. Itohnbruke and Co. of Norwich. cutlers. J. Walsh and 11. Simpson ...

Published: Monday 15 July 1816
Newspaper: National Register (London)
County: London, England
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... Banbu y, Oxfordshire, Lupton and Co. of Ashton under Line, miner,. 'Mellish and Chambers, of Bishopegate-street, merchants. Parkinson and liawkin, of Scawby, &c. Lincolnshire, seed crusher. J. and J. Penn, of Bnausgrove. Worcestershire, grocers. liter! and ...

Published: Monday 14 April 1817
Newspaper: National Register (London)
County: London, England
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... eve, pt. and ucto:tior 11, at Anent, at the White flume, in eatou. Actansii Meant*. Alexander and Ilnletc , New Inn, ; Mr. Parkinson, ('honey. ,Miry tit,ry4rett, Midill• s.x, idiller and army ai•eotor dra er and clialo.voinan, r' pt 16..17, and r. tt , at ...

Published: Monday 01 September 1817
Newspaper: Star (London)
County: London, England
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The following are the Addresses of Condolence lo his Hignnes3 the Prince Regent and to his Serene Highness ..

... to convey their Resolutions to Sir John Sinclair. Ear'y Saturday morning, some persons broke into 'he dwell of Mr. Joseph Parkinson n-ar this city, and >tole therefrom seieral silver spoons, some articles ol wearing apparel, ice. with which they escaped ...

Published: Saturday 13 December 1817
Newspaper: Norfolk Chronicle
County: Norfolk, England
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... don—further dividend. PARKINSON A lam, John Dockett and Samuel Alsoptl—h Match Is.Tj; Manchester, calico printers ii c Ulh Jan at the Bridgeware. Arms Inn, Manchester (by adjournment fiom the Cd inst)— joint dividend of Adam Parkinson ami John. Duckettj ...

Published: Monday 15 January 1821
Newspaper: Leeds Intelligencer
County: Yorkshire, England
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... y* at Icrandmibilisrif is Intik S. it IV. app.. lusr of Main. PAlkoneml ears peissipsffy tic be trued in longitude is the cumin air afloat didereners. areertamed by mowparearn at Calms Hut, boot by four, tabs comber of the ownweir, i77r• 1.013 fay ...


... dividend. NASI, l-aac -Ist tell 18-1) B.ith, fishmonger d c .lib inst nt 1 the Christopher Inn, Bath— final dividend. . PARKINSON Alain. John Duckeu and Samuel Alaop (l_t_ March IS-I') Manchester, c .Inio printers il c _d inst at ihe Brirtcev. ater Aims ...

Published: Monday 10 December 1821
Newspaper: Leeds Intelligencer
County: Yorkshire, England
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... opportunity of making their sentiments known. I propose, therefore, to be at Mr. &ridge's lintel, in York, on 'Thursday in the cumin Rice Week, when, if a sufficient number of priori' do me the honour of timeline me, it may be considered what easy be the most ...