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Arbroath Herald and Advertiser for the Montrose Burghs



Arbroath, Angus, Scotland



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Arbroath Herald and Advertiser for the Montrose Burghs


... TESS OF THE D’URBERVILLES Bv Thomas Hardy. And starring Blanche Sweet, Conrad Nagel, Stewart Holmes and George Fawcett A masterpiece of literature that lias become masterpiece of the sciecn. The Heart of all Humanity has thrilled to the story of “Tcss ...

Scribner's Magazine for May is Scribner's an exhibition number, and is as Magazine, excellent a shilling's ..

... represented by suggestive bit social prophecy and philosophy, entitled, The Upward Pressure. Robert Louis Stevenson, Thomas Hardy, and other distinguished names are on the list of contributors. The exhibition number of Scribner is altogether a remarkable ...

Messrs Bradbury, Agnew, & Co. arerr about to issue in monthly parts the Comic History England and the

... finest contemporary thought and action. Thus the first part will contain drawings of Sir Frederick Pollock, Bart., and Mr Thomas Hardy ; while amongst those who have already sat, or who have promised to sit, are: Mr Grant Allen, William Archer, Mr Robert ...

Literary Notice NEW VOLUME CHAMBERS’S JOURNAL. This venerable but ever-vigorous magazine commences its ninety ..

... features to attract new readers. The place of honour this opening number to a new volume is given to new short poem by Thomas Hardy, along with a reprint of an article which this famous man of letters contributed to Chambers’s sixty years ago, entitled ...


... of Lord Lister,” by Sir Rickman J. Godlee. Poetry is represented by “ Moments of Vision and Miscellaneous Verses,” by Mr Thomas Hardy; “The Everlasting Quest,” Mr H. L. Webb, which retells the ancient Babylonian story Oilgamesh, who, refusing the love of ...

The Rotary Club. —At the weekly luncheon of Arbroath Rotary Club in the Cafe Moderne yesterday, Rev. David ..

... the weekly luncheon of Arbroath Rotary Club in the Cafe Moderne yesterday, Rev. David Crosbie, Old Church, gave a talk Thomas Hardy and His Novels.” Mr A. B. Mudie, vice-president, presided, and Mr A. W. Halliday proposed thanks. British Legion Women’s ...

nrp popular, but the really fashior

... 000 left Dr Robert Bridges, the Poet Laureate, the £2,500 left D. H. Lawrence, it is very large, Pickens left ,€96.0011, Thomas Hardy €91.000 and John Galsworthy left £BB,OOO, but Arnold Bennett left only ,€40,000, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle €30.000 and W. ...

Wage Problems

... dances, and “absurdities. Amongst the plays will be “The Home Coming,” a charmingly descriptive little piece based on Thomas Hardy s well-known poem, and another feature of it will be a thrilling story of a midnight robbery. “To Kill a Man,” which is ...


... artistic articles break fresh ground, and are anything but provincial. Two poems, one j by Henry Newbolt, and the other by Thomas Hardy, deserve honourable mention. This review has now got into its stride. THE EXPOSITORY TIMES. This monthly deservss a place ...

A new edition of Mr Earl Hodgson'® Trout- Fishing will ere long be issued by Messrs A. &

... Dicker®, Lytton, Harriet Beecher Stowe. Sir Henry M. Stanley, SirW. Howard Russell, R. D. Blackmore, William Black, Mr Thomas Hardy, and many others.— Athenaeum. Among the novels to published by Messrs Macmillan in the autumn are Traffics and Discoveries ...

per cent, on »uj;ht really to income and taxed such :lie Kxchequer point view •ssment justified on the capital ..

... main routes this com'nß summer. With this limited seat- : accommodation they need not obvc the speed limit. ' monument to Thomas Hardy, the utuoiK novelist, erected by American at bis birthplace near Dorhester. is to be unveiled shortly. Hie locomotive City ...