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... by T. E. Grimm; Experience, by Ethel Mannin; My Bark Life, by the Rt. Hon. Winston Obarobni; The Later Years of Thomas Hardy, by IP. E. Hardy; The Story of San Michele, by Dr Axel Munthe; The Land-locked Lake, Hopei by A. A. Hanbory-Sparrow; Stalky ...

Published: Saturday 26 November 1932
Newspaper: Arbroath Guide
County: Angus, Scotland
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... artistic articles break fresh ground, and are anything but provincial. Two poems, one j by Henry Newbolt, and the other by Thomas Hardy, deserve honourable mention. This review has now got into its stride. THE EXPOSITORY TIMES. This monthly deservss a place ...


... died. On Thursday, 10th, 1920, Peace was ratified. Last year, on Friday. the Ilth far from the madding crowd shed Thomas Hardy. On Friday. the 11th, 1858, the Marquess of Crewe was horn—interesting event to the Marquess of Crewe! On Sunday, 13th ...

Published: Saturday 12 January 1929
Newspaper: Arbroath Guide
County: Angus, Scotland
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... about his capability as prow• writer and poet. It ham been of him that his reserve has made him almost as secluded as Mr Thomas Hardy. Hence it follows that comparatively few stories are told of him. Here is one, however. which i,, an diverting as it is ...

Published: Saturday 17 July 1926
Newspaper: Arbroath Guide
County: Angus, Scotland
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... Auchinblae; four days. 3. 3,049,991 killed, wounded, and missing; death roll 658,000. 4. 31,300 officers and 1,040,000 men. 5. Thomas Hardy, poet and novelist. 6. The Bell Rock, first lit on Ist February, 1811. 7. Carpet. 8. On the north by parish of Logie Pert ...

A new edition of Mr Earl Hodgson'® Trout- Fishing will ere long be issued by Messrs A. &

... Dicker®, Lytton, Harriet Beecher Stowe. Sir Henry M. Stanley, SirW. Howard Russell, R. D. Blackmore, William Black, Mr Thomas Hardy, and many others.— Athenaeum. Among the novels to published by Messrs Macmillan in the autumn are Traffics and Discoveries ...

per cent, on »uj;ht really to income and taxed such :lie Kxchequer point view •ssment justified on the capital ..

... main routes this com'nß summer. With this limited seat- : accommodation they need not obvc the speed limit. ' monument to Thomas Hardy, the utuoiK novelist, erected by American at bis birthplace near Dorhester. is to be unveiled shortly. Hie locomotive City ...

..... . nr of Thackeray are felt by all sober criti,

... Rene( s I. to remove the evidence of his dusty brains from his panoramas of :` , .e Five Towns, etc., etc. I say nothing of Thomas Hardy. Re is a very illustrious may, but his greatness would be more authenticated could be be born again in • different spirit ...

Literary Notes

... cheaper edition should largely increase the number of its admirers. t.2a 6d.) Mr W. L. Courthit is writing a monograph on Thomas Hardy for the English writers To-Day Series, which Messrs Greening & Co. recently inaugurated with Mr Monkshood's Rudyard Kipling ...

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... and his Accordion Band. 4.3o—Scots Variety. 7 Saturday Spotlight. 7.3o—Henry Ainley in scenes from The Dynasts by Thomas Hardy.—Star Variety. 10.35—8.8.C.' Military Band. 11.15—Joe Loss and his' Band. FORCES (373.1 m.; after 10 p.m., 342.1 m ...


... e. Our elms►' I system did not encourage in deirodent activity or individual eccentricity. Attain • people sought what Thomas Hardy conwlemnel as •• outrageous stimulation hecauae• they lad so little to take their own line. The youth Scotland naturally ...

Published: Saturday 09 February 1929
Newspaper: Arbroath Guide
County: Angus, Scotland
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