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... West, by K. V. Lucas; The Teaching of, English in England; Thv Puppet Show, Martin Armstrong; Late Lyrics and Earlier, by Thomas Hardy; Chamber’s Income Tax Guide; Dundee Directory for U122-2T,; volumes recent Fiction. The following donations have been made ...


... is wanted, but delicacy which is not wanted, — and we have this eharacteristie of the Scotchman admirably portrayed by Thomas Hardy, in Mr Farfree, in The Mayor of Casterbridge. Farfrac is uncommonly kind to his unfortunate employer, but all through ...

Published: Saturday 23 January 1937
Newspaper: Arbroath Guide
County: Angus, Scotland
Type: Article | Words: 1102 | Page: 6 | Tags: none


... BRUTAL STIPYATBRE. At the Pollee Court. es WuWoodsy. Thomas Sayers, • little (em the of Eatshad). appeared name, to a charging him with haunt wied his Mops., lad waned Thomas Hardy, shoat 1 t of TM primmer a widower. It glue is that abut to be married ...

Published: Saturday 24 May 1862
Newspaper: Arbroath Guide
County: Angus, Scotland
Type: Article | Words: 962 | Page: 4 | Tags: none

The Late Mr Alexander Main. Ladies Column. AITRECIATION PUDDINGS WITHOUT MILK The notices of the death Mr ..

... years ago at a much enhanced value. TREACLE SAUCI His reading in later life consisted among the novelists George Meredith, Thomas Hardy, and the more weighty works John Henr> Newman, Nietzsche, Samuel flutler, Walter I’ater, the Hook of Isaiah,” and the plays ...

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... “Address to Mouse”? They were too much in the habit looking upon the animal world as if simply created for themselves, but Thomas Hardy had said the other day, evolution had abolished that doctrine. So Burns, looking upon the little mouse whose home he had ...

Literary Notes

... Merriman's new serial promise well. Bookman. —This journal fairly surpasses itself this month the beautiful plate portrait of Thomas Hardy, the novelist, and should be got if only for the sake of this picture. But the letterpress and other portraits do not need ...

land it has been left to local companies to

... Gates; The Poetry of Neil Munro; Th. Plough and the Stars. Sean O'Casey; Collected Poona of Rupert Brooke; The Dynasts, Thomas Hardy; Stamp Collecting, Stanley Phillips; Cricket l'p•to-date, E. H. D. Sewell; Southern Baroque Art, Sacheverell Sitwell; The ...

Published: Saturday 21 May 1932
Newspaper: Arbroath Guide
County: Angus, Scotland
Type: Article | Words: 1856 | Page: 4 | Tags: none


... In their repertoire the company include one-act plays based on stories by John Masefield and Jack London, and poems by Thomas Hardy. To kill a man, a thrilling play of midnight robbery, from a Jack London story, tells of a deceiving woman and a betrayed ...

Published: Saturday 28 September 1929
Newspaper: Arbroath Guide
County: Angus, Scotland
Type: Article | Words: 1802 | Page: 4 | Tags: none


... &c. ; but the article is rather stale and unprofitable. Harriet Waters Preston contributes a very readable sketch of Thomas Hardy, and Mr Edmund Goose finds congenial scope for his literary gift in a short sketch of Sarah Siddons. All the other contents ...

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... flaming Rome for the bed of thy death. O Agrippina. Wmb.—Weasex, that portion of the Southern and South-Western England which Thomas Hardy has vividly described to the enchantment thousanda, to form the subject of colour book which Messrs Black are about t.- ...

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... simply because it is oue‘s duty is proper; but a good action which is the result of law of reflection shines more than any.— Thomas Hardy. When ou a summer's mom 1 wake, And open my two eyes, Out to the clear, boon-singing rills My bird-like spirit flies, To ...