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... Band Hope Festival.—On Thursday, Aug. 23, the Moorlincb. and Grenton Band of Hope Festival took place. The members met at Grenton at two o'clock, when procession was formed, headed the Ashc ...


... .Entertainment. --On Friday, an entertainment was given in aid of the poor of the parish, in a room kindly lent by Mr. M. Keirle. Mr J. Kiddle, sen., presided, and there was a good attendance. ...


... Ia the House ot C.unmona, last night, a new writ was ordered to l >e issued tor Bridgwater. r Accident to a Cx.B*gtman.—The Rev. F. V' Parsons, incunabeat ot Goathurst, ha-, met wit ...

Published: Friday 01 June 1866
Newspaper: Western Gazette
County: Somerset, England
Type: Article | Words: 1919 | Page: Page 4, 5 | Tags: keirle  kick