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Royal Cornwall Gazette

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... COURT n F Kt\T« ?? ''l.Tonosnav n^ s BOTctiEa v. rviiPimr.t. *nii ?? This was an actio, bought ' v ?? „ v ,„ of a fishing smack, called t* c Merenrr.a >•.;,,.» the owners of a West Ind ...

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... TO MAT 8. ORDER OF SAILING, for Lisbon, every Friday, from April to October and Saturdays, afterwards. For Barbadoes aad Jamaica and America, on i'th'e ' Sunday after the fir ...


... FALMOUTH. ?? Friday, Feb. 24.— Wind W — Arrived, Jj*^ rat, Stanbury, from Cork.— Sailed, H. ■■ Glasgow, and Nympheu, ou a cruise. * Saturday.— Wiud W. S. W.- Put ha ck ' ' ' ships Glasgow, ...


... Saturday, Novmmbbr 26, 1831. The die is at length cast, as the wily Scribe of tlie broadsheet has it — and his friends the promoters of seditions associations and political unions will receiv ...


... Saturday, July 29. Since bur last .publication -intelligence an important nature has reached Governc*} that an other Revolution ! and that too in Ihj, bc^dnby the daring spirit of a rebellious ...


... FRIDAY EFE\L\(i, MAY 1. The r.jmerous favors of our aijV-i*.is. : r);r friends, received late in the week, and tiie L-n^tn ot the Gazette Extraordinary in our fourth page, leave US but little ...