... Ld Id Wr2Kf AY TIES OFFrCrE ED,4 ITION.a -4 I giNO EXPRESS. t rAN SINSURRECTION. (R Ct~:Fev S TCIG;7 NMALTA, FRIDAY. C a Cnbo5 Candia and Hainer, with a , $01:s 1 jer frol London, left here yesterda ...

Published: Saturday 24 August 1867
Newspaper: Manchester Times
County: Lancashire, England
Type: Article | Words: 3929 | Page: Page 5 | Tags: john eden  News 


... Lord Stanley will remain London a few days after the prorogation, and then proceed to Know-ley for short relaxation from business. SCD den Death of Lady C. Long.—The dece ...

Published: Thursday 22 August 1867
Newspaper: Newcastle Journal
County: Northumberland, England
Type: Article | Words: 330 | Page: Page 4 | Tags: john eden 


... SECOND EDITION. BY TELEGRAPH. DAILY POST OFFICE, Wcdnad«y, 9 a.m. (Renter's Telegram by Atlantic Telegraph.) New York, Apg. 20, p.m.- President Johnson has removed General Sheridan, and appoi ...

Published: Wednesday 21 August 1867
Newspaper: Liverpool Daily Post
County: Lancashire, England
Type: Article | Words: 72 | Page: Page 9 | Tags: john eden 


... INCREASE GF THE EPIsCOp A jT^^- Lord Lyttelton has addressed the followne ' editor of the Guardian-.— ' l ?? Sir,— l beg to be allowed, thru ugh y OUr call the attention of Churchmen to tho ix, BUv ...

Published: Friday 23 August 1867
Newspaper: Morning Post
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 2105 | Page: Page 6 | Tags: john eden