Bruno Lessing

... Lessing Full Page Cartoons in colour by W. Heath Robinson H. M. Bateman Arthur Watts Fougasse Bert Thomas Alfred Leete G. E. Studdy Lawson Wood ...

Published: Tuesday 21 November 1922
Newspaper: Western Mail
County: Glamorgan, Wales
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... Powerful Circus Drama- In support of Lon Chaney are JOHN GILBERT and NORMA SHEARER. Th# first of the BONZO SERIES, by G. E. Studdy; also tha eighth “STAiT' Ramble: The Hills and Vales of Herts and Bucks. Following week: —“Caffin Cairo and “Argentine Love ...


... FOB THE LITTLE FOLKS. Three toy books, Box ot Tricks, ' Puppy Tales and A Lucky Dip, each G. E. Studdy, and published by John Swain and Son, Ltd., have reached us. Abounding illustration, plain and colour, and the simple form of text, they are splendid ...

Published: Saturday 13 October 1923
Newspaper: Hull Daily Mail
County: Yorkshire, England
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... polls at Diptfofd, 1 where the return Mr. E. Newman is opposed Mr. a. and Stoke Gabriel, where Messrs. Churchward and T. E. Studdy are nominee* for the seat .vacated Mr. A. Scarlc.. ...

Published: Wednesday 26 March 1919
Newspaper: Western Morning News
County: Devon, England
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Photo hy Walter S. KendcU, Yeoril. FLAXPULLER AT WORK

... issue, supply an amusing commentary on the manners and modes of the moment. Mr. H. M. Bateman, Mr. W. Heath Robinson, Mr. G. E. Studdy, Mr. Lawson Wood, Mr. Wiil Owen, Mias .Mabel Attwell, and Mr, Frank Newbould, who has also produced an attractive design ...

Published: Friday 28 July 1922
Newspaper: Western Chronicle
County: Somerset, England
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... CAN any Gentleman recommend a Single Man *. WORKING GARDENER? One who has filled a similar situation preferred. Apply T. E. Studdy, Esq.,’Leek ford, Stockbridge. WANTED, —Situation as DEAD WORKING GARDENER middle aged Man. Has a thorough knowledge of all ...

Published: Saturday 03 July 1886
Newspaper: Hampshire Chronicle
County: Hampshire, England
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... Several HORSES from Mr. F. Lynbam. And HORsES from Gordon Soamts, Esq., C. T. Budgett, Esq.. H. Herbert Smith, Esq., Thomas E Studdy. Esq.. Dr. A. F. Stevens, Messrs. Keylock (2). Dixon, Coleman. Reading. Gibbs, and many others. Sale Twelve •clock. N.B. ...


... unusually well for removal. George Monk, woodman, Wherwell, will show the lots, of whom catalogues may l»e obtained; Mr. T. E. Studdy, Longparish ; the Auctioneers, the Mart, Andover. ...

Published: Saturday 07 April 1883
Newspaper: Hampshire Chronicle
County: Hampshire, England
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... writers, including Hilda Cowham, .Sir Henry Lucv, Mr. Max Pemberton. Mr. Raven Hill. Mr. George Mr. G. B. Burtrin. Mr. C. E. Studdy. Mr. Aihol Forbes. Mr. Law-on Wood. Lieutenant-Colonel Newmiani Davis, and other*. The “Pie” needs other commendation. The ...

Revels For All

... Dane. Denis Mackail. W. Somerset Maugham, and many others. And for artists—such outstanding contributors Illingworth. G. E. Studdy, Ronald Taunpitt. Edward Osmond. Lawson Wood, A. C. Barret—to mention but a few- stamp this as magazine w ithout rival! Your ...

Published: Friday 17 December 1937
Newspaper: Bellshill Speaker
County: Lanarkshire, Scotland
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“Tba Hart

... businesslike production, full of good stuff. There are some sparkling columns Phrynette,” of the Sketch,” a funny picture by G. E. Studdy, and two quite good cartoons by Hubert Leslie ; and then James ” writes the Rhymes of the Times.” They’re all right and James ...

Published: Saturday 15 July 1916
Newspaper: Sporting Times
County: London, England
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... interesting ankle as the Neu, Vcris Stock Exchange; and the lighter side is well served by such artists as Lawson Wood and C. E. Studdy, and linters of the calibre of lan Hay. Robert Richert,. and ti. k. Chesterton. The production is sell printed and handsomely ...

Published: Saturday 18 December 1926
Newspaper: Liverpool Echo
County: Lancashire, England
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