... AN ACCOUNT OF SOME EXPERIMENTS ON THE FECUNDATION OF VEGETABLES. -Letter from Thomas Andrew Knight, Efq. to the Right Hon. Sir Jofeph Banks, K. B. P. R. S. Read before the Royal Society, May 9, 1799. Elton, April 25, 1799. relult of fome experiments llc ...

Published: Wednesday 01 January 1800
Newspaper: The Scots Magazine
County: Midlothian, Scotland
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3 180 °- f

... law Mr. Thomas Jones, attorney at law of Berriewi Montgomeryshire, to Miss S. Phillips ot Shrewsbury. Tuesday at Liverpool, Mr. J. Helme, of the Royal Circus, Londfan, to Miss H. Cabanel, of the same place. Friday the 13th ult the Rev. Thomas Rocke, vicar ...

Published: Friday 03 January 1800
Newspaper: Chester Chronicle
County: Cheshire, England
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... late of Thorner, in the County of York, Gentleman, deceafcd, are refjuefted fo.thwith to bring in an Account thereof, to Mr Thomas Lee, Attorney at Law, in Leeds, ln the faid Counly, for rhe Purpofe of making proper Arrangements tor tluir being difcharged ...

Published: Monday 06 January 1800
Newspaper: Leeds Intelligencer
County: Yorkshire, England
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Naval Journal

... COmmifflonejnZ~t'f Ztle AdmniraltyF, at GOUZrt Suts M rtil was' on 'Frida.y neld,' dnord theGtidiator, te .ori Lieuten'ant Thomas Vs iihyi'en, of the r'rie 9 s goi Dg forwasrd,,after a rnan 4~fbeen pinifhe4ali a~ag tere . I~the tlnip's crfew, and faying ...

Published: Monday 06 January 1800
Newspaper: Hampshire Telegraph
County: Hampshire, England
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ijKwKfiv FIRE-OFFICE, L'r.bard-strcet* London. And EXCHANGE-STREET, Manchester. PERSONS inured by this Company, ..

... Afhton-under-Line Henry Hatton, Piefcot Robert Haworth, Bury MefTrs. Holland and Holt, Rochdale Mr. John Bludwick, Warrington Thomas Doncafter, For the County cf Stafford, Mr. Jofhua Drury, Stafford John Likly, Wolverhampton William Challinor, Leek Samuel ...

Published: Tuesday 07 January 1800
Newspaper: Manchester Mercury
County: Lancashire, England
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... approach the French, and cicaped. The Julia, Wright, from Africa hfartinieo. The Will, Crow; Lotterr, Leithon; Molly, Tohin; Thomas, Clare; Nanny, ana Mentor, Curry, from hence .Bonny. The Hi ode, Nuttall, from Surinam and Martinico, and the Fa* vorite, ...

' ■ »« “ chsowcle. AIUSJCAL Fy&PiTVXE. to,o«r from Mr. B. | Jawy *>'*&', thj| of (iffi&nt |;r«ii«d|, to ioover

... Humphrey SquAß(TOt*. SHIP NIW(. Ptrtfmtuti, Jan. $, —Thf»day arrirtd, and put under quarantine, the Vanguard, 74 guna, Captain Hardy, from the Mediterranean. Arrived the Otter cuiter from the Tejel; the The.tii lugger and Alert cutter, from a cruize; and the ...

To be SOLD

... PREMISES situate Sandgate, Newcastle upon Tyne, in the Po«- ~ of Thomas Clarkson and others -—Also a 1 cw la All-Saints Church. William Stevenson, Tenant of West Estate shew his Farm; and Thomas Clarkson will shew the Premises Sandgate. A*J J-rdeiy the *f ...

Published: Saturday 11 January 1800
Newspaper: Newcastle Courant
County: Northumberland, England
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W. T. TRANT and SON, DRI/C GIST S emd TEA-MEN, BRIGGATE, LEEDS. RETURN Thanks to their Friends and thi Public

... and THOMAS ALLEN, of Thorp, in the Parifli of Almond!. ur y afbrefaid, Merchant;, ?? under ihe FitmofScoiT and Allin, was this Day ?? by mutual C.snfent.— As Witnefl their Handi, ibii 'Thirty-flirt Day of December, 1799. ROBERT SCOTT. THOMAS ALLEN ...

Published: Monday 13 January 1800
Newspaper: Leeds Intelligencer
County: Yorkshire, England
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THC*IE>A*S lost COKTUtttttt

... Vanguard, of guns, Capt. Hardy, from the Mediterranean. j Extrao a letter from Plymouth, Jan. 6. ,11 Came in his Majefty's (hip Marlborough, of I guns, C'apt. Sollwby, from a cruize. Came the,,brig Neptune, of Chepftow, jCapt. Thomas Morgan, from. Plymouth ...

Published: Monday 13 January 1800
Newspaper: Gloucester Journal
County: Gloucestershire, England
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of ; tnd »h»t « cf fimil«rj (•■lore has formed between bis Proflian Majetly and the French Confalate. The latter

... infolent letter, from making tured bis Majelly’s (hip Diftator, Captain J. any requifition of fubfillence from the country. Hardy, which by contrary, though it will not be On the 31ft ult. picqnetof ftrangers, ignorant unfavourable winds, bad been driven ...