... and Elizabeth ; Watson; Endeavour. Clark r inri'. I JoM-ph and John, Skinn Mary, Walsh ; Hopewell, Wilh.ini and Mary Ann. 1 lamshaw ; Bee. Ward ; Mary Ann M.otiii, Martin; I.vnn. Alice, Taylor; to Bridlington. Sarah, Garner; . and I rant ih. late; Miy Flower ...

Published: Thursday 28 July 1836
Newspaper: Bradford Observer
County: Yorkshire, England
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to u»e vtv* ’f * •*« wivin

... Monday ■e’liliigM. vhen i« the 23d rami, Oufirmer rewived a Wow, which (nSaatln leilte him! AcciHexts.—Monday ae’npight, Lamshaw, boat. man James Richardson, of North Shields high brew«vV. between two ships Shields harbour. was falligr of Wm. the Duchess ...


... apping-wall. rewe / Haver foid. Stapleford-Abbotts, Essex, dealer-Gnttittis mvies, west, shopkeeper. Barrows, sen.—Benj. Lamshaw an h ; n f WakefifMmillers—Thos. Smith, sen. and Thos. Sin tn ju- flioutestentat- Wm. Withers and Sam. Heaven, i p )J b 7 ...

Published: Wednesday 30 May 1827
Newspaper: Globe
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 831 | Page: 4 | Tags: none


... Mahon, Esq. of Portman-squarc, son to Lady Ann Mahoo, and nephew the Marquis of Sligo, to Miss Baber, of Park-street. At Lamshaw, the I7th inst. the Right Hon. Lord Ashburton, to Miss Anne Cunningham, daughter of the late W, Cunningham, Esq. Sunday se’nnight ...

Published: Saturday 28 September 1805
Newspaper: Carlisle Journal
County: Cumberland, England
Type: Article | Words: 1551 | Page: 3 | Tags: none


... punishment attached its violation, from a very natural reluctance to put their brethren into prison (!!) Mr. Cunningham, of Lamshaws, will be restrained no such feeling ; and through his counsel at the Commission intimated, fairly and honestly, that if the ...

Published: Saturday 12 September 1840
Newspaper: Hertford Mercury and Reformer
County: Hertfordshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 2134 | Page: 4 | Tags: none


... he cut down a field of wheat and oats the same day, and that both proved excellent crops We understand Mr. Cnnninghame of Lamshaw, will commence reaping wheat in day or two.—Apr Ob. An act of savage ferocity was committed on 1 uesday, in the '■'llawe of ...

Published: Saturday 10 August 1833
Newspaper: Belfast Commercial Chronicle
County: Antrim, Northern Ireland
Type: Article | Words: 2494 | Page: 2, 3 | Tags: none

-Sv The CathoKci of frefcnct ore preparing forifie meeting of Parliament, wlitn their cause will again bo ..

... Requisitionists. At the Ayrshire County Meeting, whose proceedings briefly noticed in our Paper of Saturday, Mr. Cunningharae, of Lamshaw, after adverting with eloquence and indignation, to the strong ahd persevering efforts which are made to destroy the Christian ...

Houston Hume 319, 808 Hunter 239, 567, 808,887 Hutchison 968 Hutton 647 Inglis 319, 400, 647,727 Innes 487, 968 ..

... Keppei 398 Kerr 78 Kilgour 319 King Kingan Kingsmill 156 Kirkpatrick 156, 598 Knight Knox Laing Lambert 79 Lampriere 727 Lamshaw 79 Lanesborough E, 399 Langara 318 Law 648,726, 96S Lawson 5 66 159 Lee 80 Leigh 647 Leitch 807 Leith 887 Lemesurier 319 Limerick ...

Published: Tuesday 02 December 1806
Newspaper: The Scots Magazine
County: Midlothian, Scotland
Type: FamilyNotice | Words: 112 | Page: 17 | Tags: none

JULY U. 1818

... Mins Ann Scott, axed 17; the 7th lost. Mr Woo Irvine, mariner, aged 3*; Mr J. Wood, joiner, aged 34; Blh Inst. Mrs Dorothy Lamshaw, widow, aged 80, all of North Shields—Uth of January, Calcutta, Mr Robert Pemberton, of Botdon deservedly regretted—6th inst ...


... Price. ST. ButDEs- Mr. Samuel Roberts, Mr. E. Tickuer, Mr. Roiert Obbard.. - ST. DUNSTAN's-l.r. . H, Butterwortb, Mr. James !lamshaw, Mr. Charles A. Savage. ST.,MAR.TIN's- ?? James-Harmer, Mr. W. C. Bojsrseld. Having read the names, tbe worthy Alder- man ...

—. At London, Robert Lambert, Esq. Commissioner of the Navy, —. At ditto, Thomas Knox, Esq. late Lieut.-Col. of the

... Mackinlay, only child of Mr Archibald Mackinlay, merchant, Edinburgh. —. At Dublin, Lady Carberry. .At North Shields, Wm. Lamshaw, bagpiper to the Dutchess of Northumberland, and the most famous performer in all England on the small pipes. Jan. ...

Published: Wednesday 01 January 1806
Newspaper: The Scots Magazine
County: Midlothian, Scotland
Type: FamilyNotice | Words: 362 | Page: 79 | Tags: none

®* *f|BYSHIP NEWS to the 10th Sept. tlVhD. Freundschaft, Haack. from Kohl',ran;i: Ranger, Driffield, irom ..

... WISBECH SHIP NEWS the Sent ARRIVED. John and Mary. RicharoJT Petersburg, with deals, &c. Young ar viT Young Man's Endeavor, Lamshaw- VV ' nail, from London. Active, Pinder, from U,,n* Baß Broughton; Lively, Seaton ; Brothers, Wadding. Mary, Acaster; Joseph ...

Published: Friday 18 September 1840
Newspaper: Lincolnshire Chronicle
County: Lincolnshire, England
Type: Advertisement | Words: 637 | Page: 3 | Tags: none