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... f1 I North Shields, Aug. 2-The UnItY. Brown, of Goole, ar- rived here to-day from Hamburg with 384 live sheep and 60 cask5s of salted beef. Another vestal in expected next tide fro ...

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... TO ENGINEERS AND BOILER MAKERS r:mf Birmingham Patent Iron Tube Company A1. manufacture Patent Lap-welded Tubes (under Mr Richard Prosser's Patent) for Marine, Locomotive and all Tubular Boilers. Also ...


... qL 1!iAVCAST-LE, JUNE 16. -42rAiVu i4 Mtlw Quecn in tins cOunt~riv, sand the disca S! i P Al I' ?? Up en flut ev ?? si-i eii-tireli-5$ iitw-elrqislle ait6tkil{i At. h iedevoted a oisnsiderablQ putt _ ...

Published: Saturday 17 June 1820
Newspaper: Newcastle Courant
County: Northumberland, England
Type: Article | Words: 2281 | Page: Page 4 | Tags: News  william oley