... for a warranf, which granted instantly by the the Castle to the scaffold opened; and Wrti. Holden, was MagiBtrate dm thfc complaint first made. The led forth, with his hands pinioned both at the wrists and person the complainant exhibited Rocking spectacle ...

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... calculated correct disorders arising from excesses of the tabic, to restore the tone of the stomach, and to remove every complaint occasioned bv irregularity of the bowels. Sold in Boxes, at 2s. ?'d. 6s. 11 s. and 2'Ji. R. Butler & Sous, Chemists, No. ...

Published: Friday 12 September 1817
Newspaper: Chester Chronicle
County: Cheshire, England
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... Saii-bury. ( 1.'9 BALM GILKAD. OTHING can better adapted to help and nourish the constitu'i'-'n Dr. CORDIAL BALM I.EAD, inaij inward loss appetite, indigestion, cejuession of spirits, tiemhiipg shaking of the h.aads or limbs, obsiir.aie coughs, shortness ...

Published: Monday 01 September 1817
Newspaper: Salisbury and Winchester Journal
County: Wiltshire, England
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... Public shall, however, be informaed it te J~taCC Of Illy WtZr reside-ice. th I NWARD COMPLAINT .-o srr Cpite rion uts ILcan be found to ascertain tbecnature and cause of Inward of A )iseasses, thant anialyzing tile Urine, hetice Dr.t CAME'R)BN, Pi -by strict ...

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... by Dr. Solomon, Gilead-Iloose, itear Liverpool, is univer- __ sallv ackniowledged to be pectuliarly elficaiotis in __ all inward wastings, loss of appetite, indigestion, deptessioti of spirits, trembling or sb-king of the Oct ?? or limbs, obstitate coughs ...