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... Saii-bury. ( 1.'9 BALM GILKAD. OTHING can better adapted to help and nourish the constitu'i'-'n Dr. CORDIAL BALM I.EAD, inaij inward loss appetite, indigestion, cejuession of spirits, tiemhiipg shaking of the h.aads or limbs, obsiir.aie coughs, shortness ...

Published: Monday 01 September 1817
Newspaper: Salisbury and Winchester Journal
County: Wiltshire, England
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... Public shall, however, be informaed it te J~taCC Of Illy WtZr reside-ice. th I NWARD COMPLAINT .-o srr Cpite rion uts ILcan be found to ascertain tbecnature and cause of Inward of A )iseasses, thant anialyzing tile Urine, hetice Dr.t CAME'R)BN, Pi -by strict ...

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... by Dr. Solomon, Gilead-Iloose, itear Liverpool, is univer- __ sallv ackniowledged to be pectuliarly elficaiotis in __ all inward wastings, loss of appetite, indigestion, deptessioti of spirits, trembling or sb-king of the Oct ?? or limbs, obstitate coughs ...