hut the whole sale showed improved form

... fiery darts are too much for them, then old Hans—h ! I don’t know how works out. Something after the style thing ; »s “If Bob’s your Uncle, how old would your Aunt’s mother Ik*?” To-day’s Decider. Keen interest is centred on the game between Buckingham Reserves ...

Perth Official and Traffic Problems

... was particularly good. Clasie Glen was very happy in her three numbers and gained well-deserved applause. She chose Bob's Your Uncle and That Haunting Melody, and as an encore she rendered Down Among the Sugar Cane. Betty Frew; a soprano, sang ...

Published: Wednesday 01 June 1932
Newspaper: Perthshire Advertiser
County: Perthshire, Scotland
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... bad was that hod leave soon. “Film work/’ lie id, “is eutirely different from stage work where you just pop and say bobs your uncle*’ the audience and know where you are. AVe were eight weeks making this film and I had to get at six in the morning (that ...

Published: Saturday 30 July 1932
Newspaper: Yarmouth Independent
County: Norfolk, England
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... the Windsor Rooms, where the winners included Mr E. Walton and Mrs Rickett, and Mrs Andrews, Mr Whitehead, Key and Co., Bob's your Uncle, Not Sharks, and Ham and Cheese. A. Monday, tb© social secretary, was assisted a hard-working committee, and refreshments ...

Published: Saturday 12 November 1932
Newspaper: Hull Daily Mail
County: Yorkshire, England
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... Abbot, Gosden's selected should take tho Amateur Welter and Hotcha the Apprentice Stakes. BOB'S TRIUMPH. It Was a case of Bob's your uncle at Derby yesterday, for the three-year-old that name put up a splendid performance to win the Derby Cup. Bob was giving ...

Published: Saturday 19 November 1932
Newspaper: Dundee Courier
County: Angus, Scotland
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... more brothers and sisters, or the equivalent in husbands or wives and children to say nothing of the Aunt Eluas or the Bobs your uncles. Allow ing six relations to each person this makes fifty-four people, each clamouring for the last kiss or handshake ...

Published: Thursday 30 March 1933
Newspaper: The Stage
County: London, England
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... engaged for pantomime by Mr. Harry Russell to play Dandini in 4* Cinderella at the Royal, York. Will Hyde's comedy song, 44 Bob's Your Uncle, has been recorded by the Decca Company. Johnny McGregor, the come dian, and Murray Mills, a pro ducer of long experience ...

Published: Thursday 09 November 1933
Newspaper: The Stage
County: London, England
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... non-stop programme oeat week when a great comedy attraction will ne afforded. Elliot and Johnson am included the cat of Bobs Your Uncle,“ and you cannot fail to be royally entertained by these two famous comedians. This show is par. .cilarly strong in the ...


... Eleventh Coin foroilinent Marsh,. PAVILION. AIRDRIE Too MucL Han roomy --:Bing Crosby end Jack Oak., COLISEUM. AIRDRIE 'Bob's Your Uncle iNoaantop variety). NEW CINEMA. AIRDRIE. littoral John Regan --illenry Edwards and Chrism White). CINEMA. COATBRIDGE ...

Sfage- and Screen in Hull this week

... Rhymes, Tweet, tweet, Ain't it grand to be blooming-well dead? The Old Sow, Wheezy Anna —and wait for Try and Bob's Your Uncle (this last title will eclipse all the rest). The supporting acts are well in keeping with such a high standard top. ...

Published: Tuesday 22 January 1935
Newspaper: Hull Daily Mail
County: Yorkshire, England
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... point-blank. Marsworth League decided to put the “screw on,’ told them of the penalties involved: then it was a case of Bob’s your uncle.” Then the A.D.L. had something to say. * T’was a case of Where. O where do live?” However, things have been settled ...

Published: Friday 19 April 1935
Newspaper: Bucks Herald
County: Buckinghamshire, England
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