... BOB'S YOUR UNCLE BOB is also Leslie Henson, and we are well content to be his nephews. To me he has not changed very much since an August evening in 1919, when he flung himself upon the stage of the Winter Garden Theatre in Kissing Time. That night ...

Published: Wednesday 09 June 1948
Newspaper: The Sketch
County: London, England
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... BOB'S YOUR UNCLE \T wonderful tiiiio i' (in- M-a-i t!.. .Old ..i! : Iris corner in tlie bar-partoui «•: and Let ivi' . ah’ think that only ■ year! How many prodigal songs and Jonpidations ore, tin? very Christmas Eve. tluii ways hack t llit theii youth ...

Published: Saturday 19 December 1936
Newspaper: Sheffield Independent
County: Yorkshire, England
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Bob's Your Uncle

... Bob's Your Uncle B OB'S Your Uncle. coming to the Dome next week, is • homely Yorkshire comedy, there is no lavish display but there is plenty of slapstick, a host of. witty gags and enough of a story to justify a number of laughable situations ...

Published: Wednesday 15 April 1942
Newspaper: Worthing Gazette
County: Sussex, England
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Bob's Your Uncle

... Bob's Your Uncle Sherwood Films. British (U). D l cied by Oswald Mitchell. Featuring Albert Modley , jean Colin and George Bolton. 6176 feet'. Release not fixed. ASLIGHT but nevertheless liveiy comedy extravaganza. The story mainl: concerns the local ...

Published: Thursday 22 February 1945
Newspaper: Kinematograph Weekly
County: London, England
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... BOBS YOUR UNCLE 811 m Summerville and Zazu Pitts In ‘‘NIAGARA FALLS (u) Thurt, Frl, Sat, July 30-31 A Ilf. Robert MONTGOMERY and IRENE DUNNE in UNFINISHED BUSINESS FIRST House 6-15. SECOND House 8-15 ...

Published: Saturday 25 July 1942
Newspaper: Driffield Times
County: Yorkshire, England
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... ..BOB’S YOUR UNCLE” the new musical show the Manchester Opera House one of the cones has Bob’s your uncle” lor part its refrain. As there used and sung obviously means that everything is as it should and satisfactory, which the meaning that most people ...

Published: Saturday 06 November 1943
Newspaper: Staffordshire Advertiser
County: Staffordshire, England
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Bob's Your Uncle

... Bob's Your Uncle Leslie Henson Vera Pearce well Matta Melt oi new musical term sobs Your Um ~r.•' now being presented at thelc Theatre. Leslie takes the part of an unw,lltng widower being chased for macnoge by very %tiling The romantic complications ...

Published: Tuesday 11 May 1948
Newspaper: Lewisham Borough News
County: London, England
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... BOB'S YOUR UNCLE. I Cast of Star Artion.t. including TROUPE OF DANCERS. or particulars see small bills. NOTIOE. IML PALACE WILL HE OPEN ON GOOD FRIDAY when the Cotnpany will give s SPECIAL PROGRAMME. Times and Prices as rsuaL BRITISH LEGION (Loath Branch) ...

Published: Saturday 23 March 1929
Newspaper: Louth Standard
County: Lincolnshire, England
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... BOB'S YOUR UNCLE My. oh my. You certainly have hit the nail nn the head this time. I am all for Bright Spots and Grouse azainst Grousers . But the Unofficial Aunts struck a tender chord. They have fired my imagination,_ shown me where my duty ...

Published: Saturday 07 December 1946
Newspaper: Liverpool Echo
County: Lancashire, England
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... BOB'S YOUR UNCLE PRIOR TO OPEFINO AT !SAVILLE THEATRI, LONDON 10 to 4.30 Phone 21164 * * PALACE * * 6.0 rw ,, , .`;?.`.;1 T 4!; Y ...

Published: Monday 19 April 1948
Newspaper: Leicester Evening Mail
County: Leicestershire, England
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