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... RYBURGH CREAD. the auspices of the North- Noriolk Conseriati%e Association, a public meeting for men was Lehi in the Boar inn, theat Eyburgb, on Saturday. Major Harry Smith presided, supported by Mr. Thomas A. Cook, prospective candidate for the division ...

Published: Friday 18 March 1927
Newspaper: Lynn Advertiser
County: Norfolk, England
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Marriages. '

... Marriages. ' BACON KING. --December 16. at the Church of the Annunciation. Bryanitun street. by the Rev. E. C. Ottley. D'Arry Johnston, son of the Isle D'Arcv Bacon. of Or.. to Naomi Frances. daught. r of S. 11. King, late of 22. Watts ityenue. Rochester ...

Published: Friday 26 December 1902
Newspaper: Croydon Observer
County: London, England
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... :—k‘:finfifi{nofl-‘“ D‘fl)m--dlhhh D’Arcy Bacon, of Ore, : Wd&l King, late of 22, CHICHESTER—PARKS-SMITH.—On the 16th December, at St. Patrick's, Hove, by the Rev. Bernard Shaw, cousin of the bride, the Rev. Henry Baker, of Ryburgh Rectory, Norfolk, and the Rev. ...

Published: Tuesday 23 December 1902
Newspaper: Epsom Journal
County: Surrey, England
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... tramp, was brought in custody, charged the information John Robert Wharton, of Wviuoiidham, butcher, for sealing 3«lbs. of bacon Wymondbam tho 31' th October last. Prisoner was further charged by John Clark, Wyiuoudhaiu, feachcr and grindery merchant, with ...

Published: Saturday 11 November 1905
Newspaper: Norfolk Chronicle
County: Norfolk, England
Type: Article | Words: 525 | Page: 7 | Tags: none


... was ordered to pay a One of 20e. and 15e. comts. THEW OP ECOS.—Frederick Barnard, labourer. of Colkirk. was cherged with having stolen Bye hen* eggs, value 5d.. she property of Amour John Savory. farmer, of the name place—Wilfia,m Sent, yardman to prosecutor ...

Published: Saturday 04 September 1909
Newspaper: Lowestoft Journal
County: Suffolk, England
Type: Article | Words: 857 | Page: 7 | Tags: none

Norfolk Committee Awards

... Dorothy A. Oakley, Woodbastwick: John Weales. East Dereham Nat.. jun.: Joyce D. Bindle. Barford: Mary K. Rout, Banham; Eileen Dawson. Cley; Anthony Frost. ClaAton: Douglas Majury. Brinton: Geoffrey Hardesty. Poringland: John E. Snelling, Barford; Jack H. ...

Published: Tuesday 18 June 1935
Newspaper: Lynn News & County Press
County: Norfolk, England
Type: Article | Words: 523 | Page: 3 | Tags: none


... fined Is., and 4b. costs. John Bone Great labourer, was charged bv Police-constable Newman with being drunk and disorderly at Great Bth Julv, and was fined 7s, 6d., and 4s. costs. Charles Bone and John Nelson of Great Ryburgh, labourere, were charged Polioeco ...

Published: Saturday 30 July 1904
Newspaper: Norfolk News
County: Norfolk, England
Type: Article | Words: 1255 | Page: 6 | Tags: none


... appear, was ordered to pay a fine of 20s. and 15 THEPT OF EGGS.—Frederick Barnard, labourer, of Colkirk, wes charged with having stolen five hen s e(iz. value 5d., the property of Arthur John Savory, farmer, of the same place—William Sent, sudnnn to prosecutor ...

Published: Saturday 04 September 1909
Newspaper: Downham Market Gazette
County: Norfolk, England
Type: Article | Words: 842 | Page: 7 | Tags: none

la McntorSas

... la McntorSas. BACON.—In ever loving memory of our dear son. Pte. John F. Bacon, who died of wounds Germany. April 18th. 1918. Time may come and brine: it/ changes— Yet as dawn* another year. Memories keep ever • To one loved and still held dear. From ...

Published: Saturday 24 April 1926
Newspaper: Yarmouth Independent
County: Norfolk, England
Type: Article | Words: 846 | Page: 3 | Tags: none

and the ltee. J. Lee

... against Edward and Frederick Wright, and fined Henry Wright 10a., and 12e. oasts, the Bench being of opinion the assault arose out of a drunken brawl. George Mallett, a tramp, hailing from Durham, was charged by Police-oonstable Bacon with begging at Last ...

Published: Tuesday 25 June 1907
Newspaper: Eastern Daily Press
County: Norfolk, England
Type: Article | Words: 1502 | Page: 9 | Tags: none


... Stubbs, of Matins, to Gladys Richardson, of Chatteris. Dec Dec. 28. at St. John's, March, Eric John Tiffen. of Ring's End. to Vera Mabel Russell, of March. Dec. 26. at St. John's. March. Albert White to Freda Tabbitt. both of March. Dec. 26, at the parish ...

Published: Friday 03 January 1936
Newspaper: Lynn Advertiser
County: Norfolk, England
Type: Article | Words: 2579 | Page: 7 | Tags: none


... Carter, Wiabech Pen James Smith. Lynn • John Jones, Gedney Hill Robert Bean, Long Sutton Mary Barrett. March Mary Godbold, Eastatoor Mary Peacock, Downham Market I John Back, Terrington John Herring, Lynn Matthew Bacon, Pincha m 'Sarah Claxton, Lynn Sophia ...

Published: Friday 30 December 1938
Newspaper: Lynn Advertiser
County: Norfolk, England
Type: Article | Words: 3092 | Page: 11 | Tags: none