... Ladies' Choir contest. British Army will come to its end this * a 4. month when No. 2 Civil Resettlement Unit. Mrs Mary Sutton, of g. Oakfleld Drive, one of 20 simillar units, closes down at Upton Heath. who injured her leg in a fail Peover Hall, Knutsford ...

Published: Saturday 14 June 1947
Newspaper: Cheshire Observer
County: Cheshire, England
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... the open baritone, solo class:* the test piece for which was Yarmouth Fair, by Peter War•. lock. * * The No. 2 Civil Resettlement. Unit. Extension Region,, Peover Hall. Knutsford,. Cheshire, is now open to: receive applications from exprisoners of war ...

Published: Tuesday 04 June 1946
Newspaper: Staffordshire Sentinel
County: Staffordshire, England
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... the speakers will be: ALD. A. HOLLINS, Pottery Workers' Mr. THOMSON. Resettlement 'Advice Iteprosentatire of the Labour altehange, Hanley. and CAPT. PARRADAY. Civil Resettlement Unit. Knutsford. and the ---------. It would be, appreciated It the titillation's ...

Published: Wednesday 30 January 1946
Newspaper: Staffordshire Sentinel
County: Staffordshire, England
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Have Seen Remove Fuzee r> This question, readers, is ad-, VV til dressed to the younger 9e«n- „ OURTEEN l

... These huts formerly constituted the war-time hospital of the American Air Force, and were afterwards used by British Civil Resettlement Unit. Jack Frost On New Brickwork ON the report of the Housing Committee R.D.C. meeting last Thursday, Mr. W. J. Cutting ...

Published: Thursday 27 February 1947
Newspaper: Suffolk and Essex Free Press
County: Suffolk, England
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Con6ri&gc Locaf (TUrcs

... Con6ri&gc CONTACT CLUB Major Braund spoke on the Civil Resettlement Unit at this week’s meeting. THE FUNERAL of Mr. George Scudder, of 1. Hawden Farm Cottages. who died last week at the age of 58, took place on Friday. WAR MEMORIAL FUND.—Councillor D ...

Published: Friday 06 December 1946
Newspaper: Kent & Sussex Courier
County: Kent, England
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... Leeding, from a yard at the rear of premises in Sutton High-street. They were Rifleman James Walter Pinch (26), of the Civil Resettlement Unit, Kingston, and A.B. George Edward Pinch (21), H.M.S. Victory, Portsmouth. —The soldier admitted the charge, but later ...

Published: Friday 23 August 1946
Newspaper: Surrey Mirror
County: Surrey, England
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... spoken word was too loud and too lengthy. F>OUGLAS CLEVERDON’S Stalag to Civvy Street,” a feature the work of the Civil Resettlement Unit, which aims at making the transition of ex-prisoners of war to civilian life less difficult than it might otherwise ...

Published: Monday 08 October 1945
Newspaper: Evening Despatch
County: Warwickshire, England
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ORLETON VICARAGE. About 6 miles from Leominster and

... Show Committee. Twelve hundred ex-prisoners -of-war have the opportunity of receiving special training at No. 2. Civil Resettlement Unit Knutaford, Chashiro-120 now and 60 others • week until the end of June. Men can stay for as king as they like up to ...

Published: Saturday 22 March 1947
Newspaper: Kington Times
County: Herefordshire, England
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Readers’^,. Viewpoint

... on newsprint shortage and the need for condensing letters as much as possible.—Ed.] Acton Resettlement -Unit Sir, —Today the life of No. 5 Civil Resettlement Unit comes to an end and the camp at Acton Place, Sudbury, Suffolk, is closing down ...

Published: Thursday 22 August 1946
Newspaper: Suffolk and Essex Free Press
County: Suffolk, England
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SUFFOLK & ESSEX FREE PRESS. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20»h. »9ir> Uncle Geoff’s Children’s Corner GRAND XMAS ..

... previous production, Barnet’s Polly.’’ The Society allotted number of seats on Thursday night to re-pats ’’ from the Civil Resettlement Unit at Action. HOME GUARD TO BE DISBANDED The War Office announces that the Home Guard to be disbanded December 31st, ...

Published: Thursday 20 December 1945
Newspaper: Suffolk and Essex Free Press
County: Suffolk, England
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... Rogers, executW committee member the Transport and General Workers Union. RESETTLEMENT UNIT FOUNDRY VISITATION. —On Thursday of last week another party from No. 9 Civil Resettlement Unit. Recreation House Edinburgh, spent an interesting day ...

Published: Wednesday 12 December 1945
Newspaper: Falkirk Herald
County: Stirlingshire, Scotland
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