... IN SINGAPORE? Bob Stockman was Naval Base. Among local men who are thought to have been in Singapore at the time of its surrender is Writer Robert Rov (Bob) Stockman, aged 20. of the Royal Navy, only son of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Stockman, 20, Greenway ...


... SINGAPORE’S ' 'v ■. ■ * R.A.F. air craws and personnel posted to the Far East prepare for the change-over from cold weather to heat. ...

Published: Saturday 14 February 1942
Newspaper: Western Mail
County: Glamorgan, Wales
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... SINGAPORE A GOOD SHEPHERD, —The snow of a fortnight ago made it difficult for sheep to find any grazing, so this shepherd, farm near Coventry, fed his sheep with hay. ■ v ' . + - ...

Published: Wednesday 11 February 1942
Newspaper: Coventry Evening Telegraph
County: Warwickshire, England
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... SINGAPORE JAPANESE PATROLS LANDED ON PULAU ÜBIN, AN ISLAND IN THE STRAIT OF JOHORE, YESTERDAY MORNING, IT IS REVEALED IN THE SINGAPORE COMMUNIQUE. About five miles in length and at its nearest point approximately a mile from Singapore Island, Pulau Übin ...

Published: Monday 09 February 1942
Newspaper: Daily Record
County: Lanarkshire, Scotland
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... SINGAPORE (Continued From Page One.) Landing in area held by Australians The Japanese landing was preceded by one of the heaviest artillery duels of the war,” says the official Australian war correspondent in Singapore, quoted Reuter. The point where ...

Published: Monday 09 February 1942
Newspaper: Newcastle Evening Chronicle
County: Northumberland, England
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... Singapore 3 tuation at Singapore .vester-5j summarised in a British which said that enemy 'V]ty had been on a considerduring the previous ur honrs. Fires had been by high-level and dive-bomb Military casualties were it - lere was . further raid on area ...

Published: Wednesday 04 February 1942
Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Post
County: Warwickshire, England
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... SINGAPORE MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1942. SINGAPORE has become the; r Tobruk of the Far East. Our one remaining stronghold in the Malayan Peninsula is immeasurably stronger than the little desert seaport which for many months stuck like a spear in the jaws ...

Published: Monday 02 February 1942
Newspaper: Western Morning News
County: Devon, England
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at Singapore

... at Singapore Fleet-street, Wednesday Night LONG despatch in to-day s Times from its late correspondent in Singapore underlines the plea from Batavia that if Java is to be held reinforcements of aircraft and men must somehow be got there. But if it is ...

Published: Thursday 19 February 1942
Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Gazette
County: Warwickshire, England
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... Singapore Whatever smart of disappointment or annoyance may remain in our beasts that the final forfeit was not exacted, there is no doubt that the naval position in the Atlantic. so tar from being worsened, is definitely eased. 'I have a!so been asked ...

Published: Tuesday 17 February 1942
Newspaper: Leicester Evening Mail
County: Leicestershire, England
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Published: Saturday 07 February 1942
Newspaper: Liverpool Daily Post
County: Lancashire, England
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... SINGAPORE (Dlouccstcrsljirc (Erfao Telegrams—■ Echo, Cheltenham Telephones—COMMERCIAL 3057 EDITORIAL 3058 London Offices—Carmelite House. E.C.4. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1942 T the time of writing Singapore still stands, in spite of Japanese claims to have ...

Published: Friday 13 February 1942
Newspaper: Gloucestershire Echo
County: Gloucestershire, England
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