The victorious Rangers with their trophy

... Lake Rangers 1. Ore United 5; Civil Service 4, Sldley United 11 4; Sedlescombe 3. Rye United II 4; Little Common 0, Icklesham Casuals 3; Holllngton United II 7, Robertsbridge 4; Hastings 13, Bexhill Athletic II 4. Division Il.—Ore ...

The Week9s # • SPORT

... Division I: Hasting* Rangers II 3, Robertsbridge 0; Icklesham Casuals 2, Civil Service 3; Bexhill Athletic II 2, United 2; Little Common Rye United II 6; Sldlcy United II 2, Hoilington United II 1. Division II: Peasmarsh 5, Crowhurst 2; Old ...


... Common v. Civil Service; Sedlescombe v. Red I>ake Rangers; Ore United v. Rye United II: Sldley United II v. Robertsbridge. Division ll.—Rye United in v. Northiam: Crowhurat v. Ore United 11; Peasmarsb v. ...


... n mams, drainage and sewage disposal and other allied civil engineering work App.l- should preferably hay* an honours degree In civil engineering. They must either corporate the Institution Civil Engineers or have passed exempting examinations tor associate ...


... (if under 30); candidates will v confined to natural born British subjects born within the United Kingdom or ore the self-governing Dominions parents born the United Kingdom or one of the self-governing Dominions. Applications, cifying p should made to Ministry ...


... Drawing Office Start. CIVIL INOINZERTNO ASSISTANT. annum Salary .P T. £035 per acle ann Vll.).um, rising to CTIO per (A Or Appliesnts must be Chartered Civil Roemer, and have had cunsidemble experience In the design and conatruvtion of civil engineering and ...

Published: Saturday 09 April 1949
Newspaper: Liverpool Echo
County: Lancashire, England
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... Professor of Greek, United St. An account of the administration of law in the courts The name of the autho on both the civil and *criminal sides, and of the history indication of its qualitie of the development of the present civil tribunals. exposition ...

Published: Friday 29 April 1949
Newspaper: Truth
County: London, England
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Today (Friday)

... Hastings; Little Common v. Civil Service; Sedlescombe v. •aivu . Veavss oca V aw, Red Lake Rangers; Ore United v. Rye United IT; Sidley United II v. Robertsbridge. Division II: Rye United TIT v. Northiam; Crow hurst v. Or# ...

Published: Friday 22 April 1949
Newspaper: Sussex Agricultural Express
County: Sussex, England
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... WIN FOR DARTMOUTH 6 GOALS AGAINST CIVIL SERVICE Dartmouth U. 6, Civil Service 0 The P. and D. leaders. Dartmouth United, after dropping a point against Newton Spurs on Good Friday, had little difficulty in beating Civil Service decisively on Saturday. Phillips ...

Published: Monday 18 April 1949
Newspaper: Western Morning News
County: Devon, England
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... 'drainage and sewage disposal. and other allied civil engineering work. Applicants should preferably, have an honours degree in civil engineering. They must either be' corporate members of the Institution of Civil Engineers, or have passed exempting regulations ...

Published: Tuesday 05 April 1949
Newspaper: Coventry Evening Telegraph
County: Warwickshire, England
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... Town 1, Everton 1: Liverpool 1, Newcastle United 1: Manchester United 2 Preston North End 2: Sheffield United 0 0: Sunderland 1. Charlton Athletic 0: Wolves 1 Manchester City 1 DIVISION m. (NORTH) Carlisle United 4 Acenngton Sttnlev 1: Chester 0. Halifax ...

Published: Monday 25 April 1949
Newspaper: Western Morning News
County: Devon, England
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