... Instrector-Commander Geoffrey A. Clarkson. R.N., H.M.S. Repulse, only eon of the late Mr. W. A. Clarkson, of Ltioester, and ?des. Clarkson, 42, Lancaster-gate, and Miss Raeie Isabel Bruce Bruce-Porter, twin daughter of Sir Bruce and Lady Bruce-Porter, 6, Gr ...

Published: Saturday 11 April 1931
Newspaper: Surrey Advertiser
County: Surrey, England
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By LESLIE TEMLETT JN the Rugby League tomorrow, two of the most attractive of many lnter-country fixtures are ..

... Wllllama. Gordon Brown will probably com. In for Proctor at partner Bartl.tt the centre. Moore will play at loose-forward for Des Clarkson. who has found that a knee. Injured In practice before the season opened, retains inflammation. There is doubt Andrew playing ...

Published: Friday 24 August 1951
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post
County: Yorkshire, England
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... years, and 81,777 spectators had to wait 38 minutes for the first big thrill. It was ironical that Halifax's best forward. Des Clarkson. should be the culprit. He dropped the ball inside his own 3b-yard line and burly Warrington prop DannY Naughton snapped ...

Published: Sunday 25 April 1954
Newspaper: The People
County: London, England
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... Ca-h paymer.ts. coliect Any districts 0 Stevenson's Farm. New Ixngton. Presun Te; Longton 193 SALE four new calved r>v* des. Clarkson s Farm VA!E. pure-bred Var.r.- T-e* P-mealow. Wood -all. MORRITT KINDLES Great Motor Sale Every Wednesday at 2 m.; top ...

Published: Tuesday 11 June 1946
Newspaper: Lancashire Evening Post
County: Lancashire, England
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`Bargain' player front row for this in the game

... the New Zealanders at Headingley. include Derek Scholes. their E 4.000 forward from Hull Kingston Rovers. They leave out Des Clarkson. iheir International loose forward. Oi Traisfer Yesterday Clarkson. who formerly played with Leigh, was placed on transfer ...

Published: Saturday 17 November 1951
Newspaper: Daily Mirror
County: London, England
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for To-day's

... 000 Roll 41 , 81sey) 8-10 Witt 0 Danny t) 8-10 Russell nano W (private) 8- 234 Lams 18 a. Rolsonl *P. WlllBlll 0 ON& Des& (Clarkson) 8-10 J. Oranssay 000 Ilellagri —R. Pagodas 23 lon s h o e d(lllack 8-7 IT. Lagslan 202 WINN= NM (F. 84 7 .f 04 Haleed ...

Published: Thursday 05 July 1956
Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Post
County: Warwickshire, England
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9 3 5 1 10

... H. Duncanson 11b. Nine for transfer Keighley RL Cluh have placed nine players on the transfer list. They ask £4OO for Des Clarkson, former Halifax loose-forward; £250 for wlngman John Rock, formerly with Bramley; £2OO for Johnson (threequarter or fullback); ...

TV Report Hits Sale Of Cup Tickets? Saints Appeal To Supporters; City's Big Following Although there is ..

... Hollindrake. Hallas and Bleasby, will be given leave to play. they have been selected. and former Halifax loose forward Des Clarkson returns. Team (from): Black: Ward. Hollindrake. 'Haling. Ho:gate. Bleasby: Verrenkamp. Brown. 'Rowlands: Woose y. Trail] ...

Published: Wednesday 02 March 1955
Newspaper: Liverpool Echo
County: Lancashire, England
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... 68 pm M Christ Church, Sue d ak.-tV .HBrn,1nm.ad bl 6.30 P-ML Got David Thomas Memorial Church. Itiahopstboi - Rev.. W, 'des Clarkson, 11 nmm. and 6.30 P.m. t SU& Benbcam Tabernacle-R5v. T. 0. Vinson..10.30 a~m. and 6 P.M. beif Bigibury, cothnm-rRev. H ...

Published: Saturday 02 August 1884
Newspaper: Bristol Mercury
County: Bristol, England
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Clarkson, R hack, hut Bramley make Leeds fight

... BramJey at Headlngley. They should able to build up a substantial lead, particularly as Bruce Ryan (who bad a chill) and Des Clarkson (Inflamed knee) will back after missing the Warrington and Halifax fixtures But Bramley came very near to beating Leeds ...

Published: Friday 31 August 1951
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post
County: Yorkshire, England
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Need for stimulus

... to 20 will make the trip, and they will accompanied by a similar number of adults. Including miners and union officials. Des Clarkson. the Halifax loose forward, will one the party and so many Rugby League players work our pit that mav manage to take a ...