... Whitty returns to the Hull team after a prolonged absence, and the other is that the match has been set apart as benefit for Sid. Rix, the Oldham centre. Oldham and Hull have both been engaged in strenuous mid-week matches, Oldham losing to Halifax on Monday ...

Published: Friday 20 March 1931
Newspaper: Hull Daily Mail
County: Yorkshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 286 | Page: 15 | Tags: none


... 3 Lot R o sf rasEittitm.= R o st ra mu'. sea & Wolter Woo E7g. moot only & own produow—Atoit Illorlar. OUIJA_ SID RIX/ . , et; t d..; sep. cabins; mod._topw.—Mitito J) OURNE 110V/11.—/idell Bdg. Estb. Woor..ton tiordeos ; oeotl., nest .411 ...

Published: Wednesday 18 April 1923
Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Gazette
County: Warwickshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 990 | Page: 2 | Tags: none

Hull Visit as Benefit

... Hull Visit as Benefit. Tho Oldham Football Club have decided to give a benefit to Sid Rix, their throe-quarter, on March 22, when Hull will visit Watersheddings. Rix has been a consistent membr of the first team for eight or nine seasons. He was member ...

Published: Wednesday 07 January 1931
Newspaper: Leeds Mercury
County: Yorkshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 60 | Page: 9 | Tags: none

i 0 T T1S&8

... Fitter, Down Again. 3 lb. Jara HASPBERKY and APPLE. «d. lb. Jan MARMALADE. Sid. a Iba. Jars DAMSON. «d. a lb. Jara BED PLUM, Sid. RIX & s For Value. LOCAL & DISTRICT NBWS ...

Published: Saturday 28 September 1907
Newspaper: Ludlow Advertiser
County: Shropshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 351 | Page: 4 | Tags: none


... twelve goeaebeetlea, ted 1 retnaia, lat 1 waive paaalaai lat twelve gooseberries, Sid ditto. Sid twelve French aaarigolds, Sid rix hollyhock a, ted aix eaten, Sid six macs, ted dish mapbtiries. Sid twelve dahliaa, Ist ssehalola, Ist dx fancy dahlias, ted ...

•••.•-•••• . _ _ SOMERSET AND DoESET EMLWAY•

... :-Six months to 30th June. 1864. miles: total working en ,eases, 113.976 per mile open, £2ll Its Od.: per train mile. Is. Sid. Rix months to 30th June, 166:1. 396 miles: total working expenses, £8.727 per mile open. 1121; per trains m ile. ile. 94d. Increase: ...

Published: Thursday 25 August 1864
Newspaper: Poole & Dorset Herald
County: Dorset, England
Type: Article | Words: 5575 | Page: 6 | Tags: none


... l ma gamma SS MIL SOS -SO ria =l an' T ali% .• wi ~art p e t a s wow in OCT. 4; 1896. 'r, 'MICE TO GENTLEMEN. ROBINSOrB SID RIX SHIRT. 111,01t-MADI. ' . k • . 1411Y0hileG-Tiuntal--- This ku r arriCllNlO 8.0.-0, mi. an, iy a mt ioi d irted.l4ol _ ...

Published: Sunday 04 October 1896
Newspaper: The Referee
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 1133 | Page: 6, 7 | Tags: none

Advertisements & Notices

... trise, li 1 st r ekin PIi lmli'ii-'ri, ?? l sire; irtic ?? tire 'o Itiln-i it I lurirt rvei vi'c'riotiithiies Publc tht SId rix - ites In. inerirtli.cci. 7Mi'- hi riTANLE.'' Ai~riiN.NrI PILLS firy 'Roadtus l.'iii uth irerire Prlrrr-rti,,istwill be irde ...

CAjj, **** *S5i gapm M«, • »oU yj.u g^SHFISH,. POULTRY. 1 3 CHATHAM ««>rto» • PLUMBING AND BATHS UVATORIR HOT

... M«, • »oU yj.u g^SHFISH,. POULTRY. 1 3 CHATHAM ««>rto» • PLUMBING AND BATHS UVATORIR HOT AMD COLD I*TEn sr-. .-, »s*»i.«t Sid rix«jk,o^ ,., MAGUIRE CATCIIEIi i T. 10. ssd BAKSOX ST.. WALPo I. Celebrated Irish Hous-l Linens and Table' Damasks. SUFFOLK ST ...

Published: Thursday 06 December 1906
Newspaper: Freeman's Journal
County: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Type: Article | Words: 51 | Page: 6 | Tags: none

Advertisements & Notices

... vithoat, It 4:OO. i d~v~i nd the puatienrts, o uoidnr- slisga ?? finaldt till the syisiipteilis retuti,' nd tlaot the~uarc sid~riX iphl~tboebilplait ?? mitch as nt firot ald are ehiait pcjtt tru wed-to have re e Wto thesrepills, us the onlr certain cure ...