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Books: A Baker's Dozen

... Books A Baker's D ozen By Alan Seymour ONE realises, after reading Last Flight, the enthralling resumé by the late Amelia Earhart of her career which was destined to terminate so tragically, that at least half her charm was due to her modest unselfco ...

RONALD ADAM WRITES OF THE THEATRE: And Gives /Many a Revealing Glimpse of the Embassy Venture's Struggle to Success

... for its type, unexpected) commonsense, and the other is the evident and very winning enthusiasm which pervades it. Miss Amelia Earhart had at least one thing in common with her fellow aviator Colonel Lindbergh, and that was the power of evoking immediate ...

Published: Saturday 05 February 1938
Newspaper: The Sphere
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 1672 | Page: 34 | Tags: Review 


... gunning of Spaniards, Poles, Finns and North Sea trawler and lightship men, and salute air folk of another breed. Miss Amelia Earhart was a lovable skyways girl first woman to fly the Atlantic, solo pilot from Mexico City to New York, Honolulu to New York ...