... THE BATTLE FOR STALINGRAD JJTAIJNGRAD is on everybody’s lips today, and Stalin’s city of steel, now a raging inferno, is the setting for the greatest battle probably in the history of the world. Whether Stalingrad fails or not, Russian resistance has ...

Published: Saturday 19 September 1942
Newspaper: Staffordshire Advertiser
County: Staffordshire, England
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... BATTLE FOR STALINGRAD The Germans are pressing their attacks north-west of Stalingrad with tanks and motorised infantry, Moscow Radioquoted ►by Reuter stated. Soviet troops are putting up a stubborn resistance. ...

Published: Wednesday 02 September 1942
Newspaper: Irish Independent
County: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
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... BATTLE OF STALINGRAD Stalingrad is fighting for its life and, perhaps, for the life of Russia and Russia's Allies. For the whole month cozens of divisions on both sides have been locked in bitter combat inside the Don elbow, fighting for the approaches ...


... BATTLE FOR STALINGRAD TIMOSHENKO'S HARD BLOWS UNDER Marshal Timoshenko's persistent counter-blows the power of the German offensive in the south has lessened in the past 48 hours. But Berlin Is claiming that German forces have broken through Russian positions ...


... BATTLE FOR STALINGRAD. Further north, where the Rattle of the Don Bend has become the Battle for Stalingrad, the Russians continue their magnificent fight. Germans striking at Stalingrad from the southwest have been pushed back in one sector ...

Published: Saturday 15 August 1942
Newspaper: Belfast Telegraph
County: Antrim, Northern Ireland
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... BATTLE OF STALINGRAD trait II Sunday 11.34. (Ai Weekday* 3.36. 1.:3. LIS GEORGE MMENT MARGUERITE *RAMAN THE LAST PAGE BuDda7 4.70, 7.30 (Jll Weekdays 1.50, 4.41, 7.25 ...

Published: Friday 02 October 1953
Newspaper: Norwood News
County: London, England
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... BATTLE FOR STALINGRAD More Attacks By Nazis Continued From Page One floes and mines are almost as dangerous bombs and shellfire. Whatever, the outcome of these last few sporadic attacks inside Stalingrad, the Germans have now failed in their main objective ...

Published: Saturday 14 November 1942
Newspaper: Liverpool Daily Post
County: Lancashire, England
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Battle for Stalingrad

... Battle for Stalingrad Red Star also reports that on the Kotelnikov front—loo miles south-west of Stalingrad—the Germans succeeded in driving a wedge into the Soviet positions in one sector, forcing the Red Army men to fall back to new defence lines, but ...

Published: Saturday 08 August 1942
Newspaper: Birmingham Mail
County: Warwickshire, England
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... BATTLE FOR STALINGRAD Soviet Hold German Drive In oppressive heat and along roads ankle-deep in dust, the Germans, cheated of the oil of Maikop through the destruction of the oil wells the retreating Russians, are making a determined bid for Grozny, another ...

Published: Wednesday 19 August 1942
Newspaper: Dumfries and Galloway Standard
County: Dumfriesshire, Scotland
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... BATTLE OF STALINGRAD Red Army 'Birthday' Blows to Nazi Attackers The Red Army celebrated the Soviet's 25th birthday by driving the Germans from two strong points in the factory area of Stalingrad, and is continuing to strike back on other fronts. To-day's ...

Published: Saturday 07 November 1942
Newspaper: Staffordshire Sentinel
County: Staffordshire, England
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