From New Zealand

... From New Zealand During the recent visit of the British Rugby team to New Zealand, D. Valentine of Hawick, who plays for the Huddersfield team, met George Frater, the old Melrose player. In an article on one of the games in the “Auckland Weekly News” ...


... FOOTBALL. RUGBY FOOTBALL AMATEURS AND NEW ZEALAND. Tb« following is an extract from the ‘’Referee** I (Sydney), just to band“ A charge regarding the I administration of amateur Rugby made Well| ington recently by George Gillett, who is acting as : tho ...

MEMBERSHIP FORM Native ot ualasmels

... reside with his sister in Selkirk. native of Galashiels, Mr Yule in his younger days a noted centre threequarter wilh the Gala Rugby Club. A reliable tackier, Mr Yule was noted for sure handling. His association with the Gala Club was in the Mossilee days ...


... (Hiodpool Athletic). Hewctson (St. Matthew’s), Law (Old Barrow Rangers), and Donagby (Barrow North End), forwards. NORTHERN RUGBY UNION. OLDHAM PLAYER INJURED. By being defeated at Oidham, cu Tuesday evening. HunsUt practically spoiled whatever chance they ...

Published: Wednesday 20 April 1904
Newspaper: Lancashire Evening Post
County: Lancashire, England
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... half-time, Miss Margt. Swinton; booby, Miss Olive Pierce. With the Royal Artillery. —Mr John Crawford, popular member of Melrose Rugby Club committee, and a sergeant-major in the Home Guard, is now a Royal Artilleryman (Anti-Aircraft Driving School). Jock,” ...

Published: Thursday 24 July 1941
Newspaper: Southern Reporter
County: Selkirkshire, Scotland
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... to safety. The milliner rablishment and two houses were destroyed. NORTHERN RUGBY LEAGUE. BATCH OF LANCASHIRE SUSPENSIONS. Yesterday afternoon, the Committee of t' Northern Rugby League held meeting George Hotel, Hudciersfield, Mr. J. (01 ham) in the chair ...


... Frater. Junior Rugby.—The meeting of Gala Juniors and Melrose Juniors at the Greenyards on Saturday produced another closely contested game, which ended 5-3 in favour of the home team. Tom Rutherford converted the try obtained by George Frater, and W. Ormiston ...

Published: Thursday 01 May 1941
Newspaper: Southern Reporter
County: Selkirkshire, Scotland
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... members which are reported as numbering nearly | 8,000, has passed vote in favour of the eight hours day. The funeral of Mr George Frater who died soon after descending Swiss mountain, took place at Newcastle on Saturday. The coming of age of the Earl of Lytton ...

Published: Saturday 21 August 1897
Newspaper: Montgomeryshire Echo
County: Montgomeryshire, Wales
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Mr William T. Marchbank. of Galashiels, and Miss Janet C. Smart, Goslaw Green. Selkirk, after their marriage at ..

... School on Wed dropped gi in one match occur Myreside on Saturday mi •t tea, whist drive, and dance visitors his garden He was Rugby fifteen met the Wat jely instrumental in starting the ashieis Rock Garden Society, of took place in the Corn Exchange on Friday ...

Published: Thursday 10 February 1938
Newspaper: Southern Reporter
County: Selkirkshire, Scotland
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... convener of recreations, we purposo publishing the of the First Dir is: ea-h week, and uo doubt it will interest a large circle. RUGBY. THE INTKR-CITY MATCH. The meeting of Edinburgh and Idasgow on Saturday pridiuced good game has been seen for long time i:i ...

Published: Monday 03 December 1894
Newspaper: Edinburgh Evening News
County: Midlothian, Scotland
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... 4. OF THE GAY 'N I N grm REUNITED Two stalwart members of the Mel-' rose rugby club during the nineties met in Melrose quite recently after 40 years. They were Mr George Frater, at present on holiday after 43 years in New Zealand, and Mr Jim Moffat, who ...

Published: Friday 18 June 1948
Newspaper: Jedburgh Gazette
County: Roxburghshire, Scotland
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... The Officers of N.F. at Alnwick, together with few non-commissioned officers, are wishful to arrange matches with any good Rugby team, and will promise them a good game. Lieut. Gregson, who belongs to Berwick, being son Mrs Gregson, Hiek Street, Berwick ...