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... WARFARE' THE KITCHEN KNOWLEDGE OF FOOD VALUES ESSENTIAL SAYS BATH LECTURER I believe that this war can not only maintain the standard of food, but that we can raise it. do, we shall not only be performing very valuable war work, but we shall making a ...

4 BURTON MAIL TUESDAY MARCH 23 1993 OUT OF THE FRYING PAN with Neil Evans Creative warfare in the kitchen

... 4 BURTON MAIL TUESDAY MARCH 23 1993 OUT OF THE FRYING PAN with Neil Evans Creative warfare in the kitchen We’ve already had National Chip Week and National Prune Week so how about a big hand for National Bramley Apple Week? This special week the first ...

Published: Tuesday 23 March 1993
Newspaper: Burton Daily Mail
County: Staffordshire, England
Type: | Words: 1549 | Page: 4 | Tags: none


... Full Up: Chocolate Delight! 20 Full Up: The Secrets of the Ploughman’s Supper 2 Full Up: Chemical Warfare in the Kitchen 23 Science of Brewing: Technology Brews a Better Pint! .32 Science of Brewing: Beer On Your Tongue 32 Science ...

Published: Sunday 01 March 1998
Newspaper: Scotland on Sunday
County: Midlothian, Scotland
Type: Article | Words: 141 | Page: 140 | Tags: none


... added bir Ikiward Grev, “that the Vatican has made representations to Germany in order jsiduo© her abandon submarine warfare. DEATH IN KITCHEN CUPBOARD. simply swarmed with Beetles until we put down Keating’s' overnight. It killed the lot, and w© swept them ...

Published: Saturday 27 May 1916
Newspaper: Framlingham Weekly News
County: Suffolk, England
Type: Article | Words: 125 | Page: 2 | Tags: none


... and “grated nerves. .- . 7o 1 remember one hotel restaurant in central Spain where the waiters had declared open warfare against the kitchen N S e ...

Published: Friday 12 May 1978
Newspaper: The Scotsman
County: Midlothian, Scotland
Type: Article | Words: 170 | Page: 12 | Tags: none


... your joyous hour, and there's always some way in which you can economise to make up, if it's only waging economic warfare in the kitchen and giving up bath salts. A cluster of periwinkle-blue feathers beautifies this white embroidered gown. —.(Recliern ...

Published: Thursday 24 May 1923
Newspaper: Daily Mirror
County: London, England
Type: | Words: 229 | Page: 12 | Tags: none

Three ladies

... good enough; And every country had a king. In those dead days of which I sing. When Mrs Becton bore the brunt 10f warfare on the kitchen front;; Whipped cream was never out of reach And peaches were a penny each; Sugar wu plentiful as sand. Along the ...

Published: Tuesday 18 May 1976
Newspaper: Lynn Advertiser
County: Norfolk, England
Type: Article | Words: 265 | Page: 18 | Tags: none


... Lion-street, was objected j by Mr. Kitchen on tlie ground of incorrectness of description. | An amudug scene followed, tbo candidate going into the witness box and carrying on lively wordy I warfare with Mr. Kitchen. He informed bis ques| turner that ...

Published: Wednesday 26 October 1898
Newspaper: Nottingham Journal
County: Nottinghamshire, England
Type: | Words: 302 | Page: 6 | Tags: none


... than open warfare. Me and Kitchen gets on capital, nun daring to make us afraid ! Only last week as never was, we had a splendid haul, Lotter and his entire commando, and it all come with the wireless telegraph ! You must know as how me and Kitchen was having ...

Published: Thursday 26 September 1901
Newspaper: Bristol Magpie
County: Bristol, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 459 | Page: 18 | Tags: none