... played reek way. Park went not at hall itivaath, and the boat* tam. reat Sale BICYCLES Accusolute. BOXING GLOVES, ?al /Wins mei Lath Mast& ,ilie7r. Rolm es tba left ire.. lead seal bed • Renew lerepe, the Port bon Post were attacking _hot to emelt lb. mead ...


... TAXING BICYCLES. A BELGIAN EXAMPLE. In few countries has the generallyadopted Belgium, yet «.n its u-e been so lieaviiy handicapped ?.s there. For about six years all bicycles have been taxed, the rate the present time being 10 francs ...

Published: Saturday 12 June 1897
Newspaper: Derby Daily Telegraph
County: Derbyshire, England
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... LONDON BICYCLE CLUB. The Ant nee sasedes al Ibis el bap Wei Breseptes. The abbess\ wee - able to the :edam and tits beet imagist of the being arsenal in We ad el Ire awes ernes Istrilwrillei rad trees 111111•1111 i by suessais *Werra is essiemerd s Inn ...

Published: Saturday 18 September 1875
Newspaper: Coleshill Chronicle
County: Warwickshire, England
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LY, AUGUST 23, 1951 WATCHER CONCEALED IN A CUPBOARD Plumber Accused Of Stealing P.O. Lead Seals A HARROW Post ..

... cleaner at the Post Office, told the magistrates he saw a bicycle which he knew belonged to Saunders left against the wall of the telephone exchange at the Post Office. On the carrier of the bicycle was a canvas holdall and a mackintosh. He went down into ...

Published: Thursday 23 August 1951
Newspaper: Harrow Observer
County: London, England
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ii i, .1 . e..! T ; . . ', ') 1 • AND 4 • INCLUDING GRANGEMOUTH. - OM

... Vices cat. Spokes I me. Railway Pee Clamps * P in- June 6 -RARER (as), Glasgow, Mitchell, cat, Slaves RS Oak Lumber 96 Ids, Lead Seals 1093 . C. H. Carta hOLIEN, 138 (13 lira )- J. &p. Jane 2-F. T. BARRY u). London, Richards. and Presses 3 ewt, sail I bed) ...

PARIS POLICE STEAL CARS: An Ingenious System of Dealing with Illegally Parked Vehicles in the French Capital

... locked are hoisted on to wheeled platforms. As soon as the car is ready to be moved, the doors are sealed with string and a lead seal which bears an official imprint. The motorist who arrives on the scene while the removal operation is in progress (perhaps ...

Published: Saturday 10 December 1955
Newspaper: The Sphere
County: London, England
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... thefts of bicycles, and that ho was wanted at Leicester for similar offence and that he was suspected of stealing bicycles at Nottingham.—He was committed to prison for one month for stealing the watch, and one month for stealing the bicycle, the terms ...


... representatives of Oxford University and the members of the London Bicycle Club. As usual there were three events, races at one, four, and ten miles respectively, and after the London Bicycle Club had placed the four miles to their credit .by the aid of Lewis ...

Published: Saturday 24 June 1899
Newspaper: Leamington Spa Courier
County: Warwickshire, England
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Because qou qd the best value hrmoneg

... charged with incaling a bicycle. He pleaded guilty. Stanley Norman Matthews, residing in William street, identified the bicycle produced as his property. He valued the machine at Witness said that on 20 October he left his bicycle outside premises in ...

Published: Friday 28 October 1927
Newspaper: North Wilts Herald
County: Wiltshire, England
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... of the demand by some County Councils for the taxation of bicycles, certain information forthcoming with reference to experience in Belgium will he of-interest. In few countries has the bicycle been so generally adopted, vet in none has its use been so ...

Published: Friday 14 May 1897
Newspaper: Eastern Morning News
County: Yorkshire, England
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... decision cancelling the railway companies’ ticket notices to avoid iiabililty for the proper care bicycles carried as passengers’ luggage. In France bicycles arc baggage, and the Minister Public Works has declared that he will not allow the travelling public ...

Published: Tuesday 10 August 1897
Newspaper: St James's Gazette
County: London, England
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