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Gay Gibson'

... Gay Gibson' 'TAKING folded sheet of notepaper from his poeket. James Camb. 30- ycar-old ship's steward, accused of the murder of actress Gay Gibson, faced the Southampton magistrates yesterday. I am not Builty, he said. I did not kill Miss Gibson ...

Published: Tuesday 25 November 1947
Newspaper: Daily Herald
County: London, England
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Gay Gibson

... Gay Gibson ...

Published: Friday 25 September 1959
Newspaper: Maidstone Telegraph
County: Kent, England
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Gay Gibson

... Gay Gibson MOTHERWELL, 4; HEARTS, 1. (Half-time, 2-0.). Scorers:—Motherwell Mathie (21, 29, 65 min.), Watson (70 min.). Hearts —Kelly (52 min.). GIBSON'S day. Hearts with Kelly deputising for Miller looked the more likely lot till the winger who laid ...

Published: Sunday 27 August 1944
Newspaper: Sunday Post
County: Lanarkshire, Scotland
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... GAY GIBSON CASE Mr. and Mrs. Henn• Gilbert. two of the three defence witnesses in tho case in which James Camb. deck steward in the liner Durban Castle. is accused of the murder of MicF Eileen IGay) Gibson. a London actress, reached Southampton from ...

Published: Friday 12 March 1948
Newspaper: Liverpool Echo
County: Lancashire, England
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'Gay' Gibson trial

... 'Gay' Gibson trial Continued From Page tamed in the past few da >. ' n scratches being more recent abrasions. Asked by Mr. G. D. K.C. (for the prosecution) neck scratches, Dr. )ft that, although it was W they cculd have been cause something similar to ...

Published: Friday 19 March 1948
Newspaper: Essex Newsman
County: Essex, England
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... Answering further questions about Miss Gibson's appearance. Hop wood said she had no young men friends on board. - Detectives carrying into court Winchester Assizes the bed which was the cabin of actress Gay Gibson when she disappeared on the high seas ...

Published: Thursday 18 March 1948
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post
County: Yorkshire, England
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... GAY GIBSON DETECTIVE MADAME J. CURIE HELD IN U.S. ‘Outrageous Act* AT ADAME JOLIOT CURIE. dauehter or the discoverers of rsdiain—Pierre mud Marie Curie—is being detained on Ellis Island by the U.S. immigration authorities, after being held at La Guardia ...


... MISS GAY GIBSON OWNERSHIP OF LAND Allotment Holder’s Plea Rejected —At West Hartlepool Announcing that he was not prepared to believe the state- ] ment of wife that she had not paid amounts entered in an estate agent's collecting book. Judge Gamon. at ...

Published: Thursday 18 March 1948
Newspaper: Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail
County: Durham, England
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... GAY GIBSON CASE. SOLICITOR FLIES TO AFRICA. Mr. Geoffrey Wells, the Southampton solicitor who is instructing counsel for the defence in the Gay Gibson case, left London airport to-day to make inquiries in South Africa. Miss Gibson, a 21 ...

Published: Saturday 13 December 1947
Newspaper: Belfast Telegraph
County: Antrim, Northern Ireland
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... THE ‘GAYGIBSON CASE (Continued from Page 1) IN his final speech for the of loose morals, had she heart prosecution, Mr. Roberts disease which nobody could diagnose, and had she asthma? said that, a. a esult of medical j ur y were no called evidence ...

Letters: Gay Gibson

... Gay Gibson SIR I am preparing a television programme on the murder in 1947 of Gay Gibson by James Camb, a steward on the Durban Castle the Porthole Murder. Miss Gibson, aged 2 1 was an actress from Liverpool who had joined the ATS in 1944 ...

Published: Thursday 15 January 1987
Newspaper: The Stage
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 120 | Page: 7 | Tags: letter