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... first at your rooms, and— And getting no response you instituted a general hunt? Have you finished the story yet? I havey't turned a leaf since I lifted it o 2 the table. His. satisfaction was very evident. Urban, she continued, I ...

Published: Wednesday 02 August 1916
Newspaper: Hants and Sussex News
County: Hampshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 4309 | Page: 3 | Tags: none


... direct way. No, Geo f. all like you very much, but there is time enough. My little girl is too young to be taken from the nest yet, and yo must go out into the world, and learn to make home for her. Come back in five years—you will only thirty (ee/y thirty ...

Published: Wednesday 24 December 1890
Newspaper: Chichester Observer
County: Sussex, England
Type: Article | Words: 4288 | Page: 3 | Tags: none


... more lass, my views of comet differ from those of many, and are what the editor the Tiaise call oripiml, and have been misunderatood, will you permit briefly to state what they are, in connection with my other letter, in your paper the 12th ...

Published: Tuesday 02 November 1858
Newspaper: South Eastern Gazette
County: Kent, England
Type: Article | Words: 3749 | Page: 6 | Tags: none


... the horse. How ? ’* replied the Hebrew, I was upon his back ! Yes,”retorted the Cossack, “I found you, too; but having no use for you I did not keep you. The excuse was admitted, and the poor Israelite was dismissed minus his steed. The New Act Partnership ...

Published: Saturday 15 July 1865
Newspaper: South Bucks Free Press
County: Buckinghamshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 6380 | Page: 6 | Tags: none

Some more Tuesday 'Smalls'

... A.P.T. 11 4137041.125 per annum), the duttes will involve some evening and week end wort . will be subject to the . provisions of the Local Government Superannuation Act. and the successful candidate will be required to pass a medical examination. Ap ...

Published: Tuesday 17 September 1963
Newspaper: Thanet Times
County: Kent, England
Type: | Words: 3767 | Page: 13 | Tags: none


... Why, Stella? Are you still at the Castle? They told me you had been sent to school. Why did you not come to see me before I I I was not allowed to go out till her ladyship went away, and I did not know zoo were here. They said you had gone to London ...