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... Witchcraft 113 victoria Terrace . Dunfermline , August 5 . 1936 Sib , —Students of folklore must , in studying the various accounts of witchcraft , make their own analyses , keeping in mind that much of the behaviour of ihe witches up to the 16 th century ...

Published: Thursday 06 August 1936
Newspaper: The Scotsman
County: Midlothian, Scotland
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... WITCHCRAFT The Kikuyu were Inc tribe that had most contact with European civilisation. That was because the railway stopped at Nairobi close to the Kikuyu reserve. But up to the time the pioneers began to go to Kenya. the Kikuyu had not made any progress ...

Published: Saturday 02 October 1954
Newspaper: Tewkesbury Register
County: Gloucestershire, England
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... WITCHCRAFT Mr. Ede said Acts such as the Witchcraft Act were archaic, adding. The proper remedy is not this clause, but the wiping out or amendment of some of these ancient statutes. I hope it may be possible to repeal the Witchcraft Act. My general ...

Published: Thursday 04 March 1948
Newspaper: Liverpool Echo
County: Lancashire, England
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... THE WITCHCRAFT OF Switchcraft—the magic art of _ battery-less Radio. The touch of a switch and your Receiver is alive and ready to entertain you in a dozen different tongues. No batteries to run down. No expensive upkeep. Radiocraft have every worth-while ...

Published: Saturday 07 December 1929
Newspaper: Walsall Observer
County: Staffordshire, England
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... Witchcraft Two self - confessed witches were sentenced to death Utute. Tanganyika, yesterday for the murder of four-yearold boy. He loves life passionately and feels only contempt for the puritan, he of bourgeois or proletarian origin. I visited Poland ...

Published: Friday 09 June 1961
Newspaper: Daily Herald
County: London, England
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... Witchcraft ...

Published: Friday 03 November 1972
Newspaper: Liverpool Echo
County: Lancashire, England
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... WITCHCRAFT. farmer of Holsworthy lost valuable cow shortly after mlving. From this and other losses he had sustained believed his farm was bewitched. The' cunning man' was in, who ordered the carcase of the cow to be burnt, and that whilst burning, person ...


... WITCHCRAFT.' The defencluun was, he admitted, a lady much respected in the town, but although her dress and manners and methods might not be those of the people of still she live pursuing a modernised farm a witchcraft, which amounted to a tampering ...

Published: Thursday 28 May 1914
Newspaper: North Wales Weekly News
County: Denbighshire, Wales
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Published: Wednesday 04 January 1922
Newspaper: Leicester Evening Mail
County: Leicestershire, England
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... WITCHCRAFT. the lust Quarterly xcw.) Witchcraft is not wholly disused the dominions; and the stntuic which siill restrained the practice of the bUck art Ireland having been repealed, those wlv choose follow the profession may with impunity : provided ...

Published: Thursday 29 January 1824
Newspaper: Inverness Courier
County: Inverness-shire, Scotland
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... WITCHCRAFT. [From The Athenaum.] It was tlie fifteenth century that the persecution against witches raged with the utmost violence ; for then, the Reformers began openly to testify against the corruptions of the Romish Church, and often, when a charge ...


... WITCHCRAFT. At the Central Criminal Court, Wednesday, Charles Tallbruok, 27, collar-maker, was unfitted for leloniuualy wounding Mary King, with intent to murder her. The prosecutrix in this case was feeble old woman, and stood in the relation of grandmother ...

Published: Saturday 21 June 1862
Newspaper: Nottingham Journal
County: Nottinghamshire, England
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