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... NAVAL IL~fNE PosrTS M cUtH. Jal. 20-Sail;d the Cla rtlne.I lWzatllial, for Midros So- vert, Bractithwaic, 1:rrcsad Cailcctti. POcRsSMOUTHt J,.la. Itl.-Arrived Iltentihoth front London, for Milras; Sev ...


... ?? ?? .l~t rsfi, t\ftlrror ii. The Council neireed to the RIeport Ofi the (Comrmittee of thie tieritors and lirh Sessiorn of Oil Machiar, as far as resperted Ihib B r-gh, l o ...

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... r AC, sTRACHAN PECTFIULLY intinintes that his MORNING CLASS, Iar ani[C nd MAITHE-MATICS, frotm 7 to 8, ?? bri RuoplvED Oil 5%fouilii the huh dip yof Fe-bruaryv, ait 7 o'clock ASl., ad on thP RI.St ?di ...

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... VIEAnTS. R . J. FORBES, Po'n~ tAtINTtttl, Ibogs to Intimate to AIth Lovers of rIte( Ft NE~ ARTS, atd the Public iln geiteral, havilvti excen ted a numbeir of, l'A 1Ni' I NOS 1`)1'at) indiVidlu ...

Foreign Intelligence

... ;dorculfl littelligettfe. The arrival in Paris of MW. tde 'rlleyr'nnd seems to have creteti A somlt stir in the diplomatic tireles. It is generally believed that he 1 has brought the sstpplemnautary) ...

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... 0-rollulla~rial 3' fit. Week ending an Monday last. IXPORTS. HALIFAX.-3 hhds. Brandy, Macfarlate& Co.; 15 kegs Honey, R. Catto & Co.; (iO boxes Soap, 11B) bags barley, I bag Pens, I do. Beans, 12 boxe ...